Storytellers Welcome

Storytelling plays a big part in Scottish culture. Many of the tales of the sea, of fishermen, heroes and great deeds that ultimately were passed down over generations were first told over campfires dotting this very countryside. Storytelling is also central to the Academy, in that every great lawyer is a master storyteller.

Led by a team of accomplished lawyers, judges, master teachers and award-winning professors, students learn how to tell a great campfire story, with the program transitioning into forensic stories, and ultimately, courtroom stories. Students build on each of those experiences, to deliver an opening statement, craft an examination and lay out an argument to persuade a jury.

The storytelling skills developed here will serve young advocates well no matter what kind of law they pursue, and provide a foundation for successful careers.


The Baylor Law School Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews has been approved by the American Bar Association Accreditation Committee.