Jaworski Fellows

The Jaworski Fellow designation recognizes the Jaworski instructors who have dedicated at least five days to assessing and mentoring student advocates during Practice Court exercises. Our Baylor students benefit from a legacy of instruction by Jaworski Fellows who continue to return regularly far beyond the initial commitment.

Over the last decade, the Jaworski Fellows Program has become a major tradition of the storied Baylor Practice Court experience.


Current Jaworski Fellows
  • Jamal Alsaffar
  • R. Jack Ayres, Jr.
  • Cathy Bailey
  • Tom Brown
  • George Chandler
  • Charles Clark
  • Dave Deaconson
  • Steve Dillard
  • Kyle Dreyer
  • Hon. A. Lee Harris
  • Steve Harrison
  • David Hill
  • Marty Jones
  • Jennifer King
  • J. Mark Mann
  • Hon. K. Nicole Mitchell
  • Lewis Sifford
  • Mike Simpson
  • Melissa Smith
  • Michele Y. Smith
  • Kathy Snapka
  • Julie Springer
  • James Stanton
  • Britta Stanton
  • Joel Steed
  • Beth Toben
  • Carol Traylor
  • Lenny Vitullo
  • John Eddie Williams
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