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The Jaworski Fellows Program

At Baylor Law School, we believe that only outstanding trial lawyers and judges can provide outstanding trial advocacy training. We have three outstanding, full-time professors who teach in the Practice Court Program and provide much civil and criminal litigation experience. Our full-time Practice Court faculty is supplemented by two faculty members who assist with advocacy exercises in the second quarter of Practice Court, and these two instructors are both experienced and talented trial lawyers as well. We also recognize that Baylor Law alumni include some of the best trial advocates in the nation.

The Jaworski Fellows Program at Baylor Law School brings the expertise of these outstanding alumni to our students. The recently initiated program is designed to allow our students to tap into the resource of our panel of experienced practitioners by having Jaworski Fellows critique their Practice Court advocacy exercises in the second quarter of PC.

Each Jaworski Fellow candidate commits to spend five afternoons during the year supervising Practice Court exercises in one of the courtrooms. After consultation with the full-time PC faculty on teaching methods and procedures, each candidate observes the regular faculty critiquing advocacy exercises. Then, the Jaworski Fellow conducts advocacy exercises with students in both jury selection and jury trial exercises. With the completion of this requirement, these lawyers and judges are designated Jaworski Fellows and may return in subsequent years to supervise additional advocacy exercises.

Teaching of litigation, trial practice and trial advocacy has been an integral part of Baylor Law School's mission since 1857, and we are committed to providing the best trial advocacy training possible to every student enrolled. While one mission of the Practice Court program is to prepare students for litigation and trial practice, the program's broader mission is to prepare each student to be a competent, responsible and ethical lawyer and human being, whether the student ever sees the inside of a courtroom or not. We believe that exposing students to different viewpoints from the outstanding lawyers in the Jaworski Fellows Program does just that and demonstrates why Baylor Law is unique and innovative in legal education.

Jaworski Fellows

R. Jack Ayres, Jr.
Roy Barrett
Larry Boyd
Tom Brown
George Chandler
Charles Clark
Jerry Clements
Stephen Dillard
Kyle Dreyer
Wayne Fisher
Elizabeth Fraley
Sharla Frost
Judge A. Lee Harris
Steve Harrison
David Hill
Marty Jones
Craig Lewis
J. Mark Mann
Steve McConnico
Sheree McCall
John Minton
H. Robert Powell
Tracie Renfroe
Woodrow Roark
Mark Sales
Lewis Sifford
Mike Simpson
Julie Springer
Beth Toben
Carol Traylor

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Kathy Serr
Advocacy Program Coordinator

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