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Guarding the Waters - Nova Biologicals

The Opportunity: Paul Pearce came to Baylor for help redesigning his water well security system. His original design dated from 2002, and over the years, many of the components had been surpassed by more effective technologies.

The Result: In just nine months, the students completely redesigned and prototyped a new CVSD that was roughly 1/10th as large and seven times lighter than the original device. And they added new security and communications features to boot, while cutting the price of manufacture by more than half.

Across the Brazos River at the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC), Dr. Greg Leman offered the product commercialization services of LAUNCH, the BRIC’s in-house innovative technology accelerator affiliated with the Hankamer School of Business.

The next goal was to come up with a business plan for global commercialization. Greg Leman spearheaded that Leman turned the project over to a Baylor i5 team based in Macao. Paul went to Macao in early July (2013) and met with the team. Over the next six weeks the team produced a hundred-page plan for global commercialization of the unit. Now they've identified a short list of strategic partners and a manufacturing capability.

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Light Bohrd wins Under Armour's Future Show '13 Innovation Challenge

Light Bohrd's recent success winning Under Armour's Future Show '13 Innovation Challenge, reinforces the LAUNCH platform that helps innovators bring their product to market. Bringing a product to market is a daunting task and requires a spectrum of knowledge and expertise that individual innovators often lack. LAUNCH bridges that gap for innovators giving them resources to help navigate the business landscape and validate the go-to-market strategy. LAUNCH performed the first business case study for Light Bohrd and validated the market opportunity. This led to further investment into product development and manufacturing capability. Today, Light Bohrd is poised to exploit it's core technology in a variety of products that will allow for features to be illuminated without the need for batteries, external wires or switches. It's time to GET NOTICED!

Chris Forgey, President

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Alo:  Hidden Market was Key to Early Adoption

The Opportunity: Company received little value from top-tier consulting company and pursued a strategy that seemed obvious, but would not have been effective.

The Result: ACP's team discovered the best rollout opportunity in a new international market and determined that the previously intended customer base would not buy until the identified early adopter group led the way.


Legare:  “You’ve Made My Business Inspire Me”

The Opportunity: Company had a conservative strategy that was impacting potential growth.

The Result: Using ACP strategies, the company gained 10 times previous expected revenue in an international market in the first year and launched an ACP recommended North American strategy, seeing immediate multi-container sales impact.


Marco:  Major IP Problem Transformed into Opportunity

The Opportunity: ACP process uncovered a need in the company’s IP strategy that would have led to an infringement lawsuit and tragically would not have met customer needs.

The Result: ACP interviews with 130 potential customers uncovered unmet needs. ACP collaborated with company engineering team to design features to meet those needs, and thus become a source of new IP, rather than an infringement.

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