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The next ACP Workshop will be held in the Fall. Check back for more details.

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Driving Your Process to Rapid Success

What would it mean to your business if:

  • 75% of your growth ideas were successful?
  • Your team's innovation leadership skills were acquired without taking time from "real work"?

21st Century business demands constant innovation with rapid cycle payback in the face of:

  • Globally competitive landscape
  • Highly uncertain markets
  • Exponentially advancing pace of change

how do you
compete and succeed?

The LAUNCH Accelerated Commercialization Program (ACP) is designed to enable client Acceleration through a hands-on, experiential process that energizes your company's project and your team through two custom phases of engagement with expert coaches.

    Through our 4A process, Align, Articulate, Activate, Adjust™, you will successfully develop a fully validated strategy that will resonate with your customers and other stakeholders and develop an action-ready team that can execute with excellence.

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Aim directly at customer needs with a well-validated plan


Attract needed resources with a well-told story


Assure execution with a well-prepared team


Adapt to changes at market speed

Opportunity Analysis


  • Pre-work on Opportunity (1 week before workshop)
    • Customer Analysis
    • 30 Second Story Pitch
    • Competency Assessment of Team
  • Workshop (2.5 days)
    • Aligning to the Market
    • Define what Winning Looks Like
    • Define when Winning Will Happen
    • Cost and Rewards for Winning
    • Issues to Manage


  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Project Plan Based on Key Gaps and Issues
  • Leader Learning Goals via 1:1 Executive Coaching Session

Cost: $2500/person

Optional Execution Coaching

Typical Actions:

  • Coaching on Progress-Triggered Project Gaps including:
    • Customer Intimacy
    • Speed to Market
    • Patents and IP
    • Value Proposition
    • Resources
    • Capabilities
  • Coaching in Design and Delivery of Audience Specific Pitch/Presentation
    • Includes Review by Expert Panel
  • Development of On-going Refresh/Adjust Strategy

Cost: $250/hour


  • Comprehensive Toolkit Including:
    • 5-Slide Opportunity/Strategy Core Compentency Map
    • Customer Segment--4 Pane Window™
    • Assert/Defend Methodology
    • Product Technology Roadmap Template
    • IP Protection Strategy
    • Financial Statements That Talk Your Story
    • Storyboard Template
    • Presentation Design System
    • Free Access to Make Innovation Happen™ Video Course
  • Intern Support for Coaching Engagement
  • Network of Venture Funding Partners

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