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We are now taking applications for LAUNCH Crew Interns for Summer and Fall 2017.

The LAUNCH Crew program offers a competitive and comprehensive experience that will build your resume and your network, while engaging in live, corporate projects. LAUNCH Crew members work as part of a diverse team that includes MBA students, Law students, and junior/senior undergrad business and engineering students.

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APPLY NOW: LAUNCH Crew Application

Deadline for Summer 2017 is Friday, March 31st

Deadline for Fall 2017 is Friday, May 26 th

LAUNCH Crew application is open to all graduate programs, as well as junior and senior business, business fellows, and engineering undergrads. Please complete the LAUNCH Crew Application

If you would like to receive an email reminder 24 hours in advance of the LAUNCH Crew Application due date, please email Monica_Vardeman@baylor.edu and include your name, major/graduate degree, and email.

Selection Criteria

To be considered, applicants must be:

  1. Enrolled full-time in a graduate or post-doc program or a full-time junior or senior undergrad student at Baylor University.
  2. Able and willing to commit to a minimum of one semester (two semesters preferred) as an active Crew member. The ideal candidate will serve for multiple semesters and will grow in their responsibilities and compensation.
  3. Willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA). An applicant is not technically a Crew member until he or she signs this document. If you are uncomfortable signing the NDA, please do not apply.
If you meet the above criteria, then we welcome your application.

When reviewing applicants, we look to a number of factors, including:

  1. Passion and Dedication: We look for applicants who have the energy and willingness to commit to an intense and demanding internship, on top of their school commitments. We expect our Crew to become Team Leaders and/or Junior Consultants, and take their own initiative to improve and contribute to the organization in unique ways.
  2. Interpersonal Skills: We care deeply about finding candidates who have integrity, initiative, leadership, reliability, courtesy, composure, concise & effective communication skills, and analytical ability.
  3. Industry Experience: We learn from each other, so we seek candidates who have experience in entrepreneurship, technology, engineering, operations, marketing/sales, law (especially intellectual property law), or experience in other arenas that developed skills transferable to LAUNCH.

While we do not seek to fill specific quotas for any of the programs, we recognize that one of the strengths of LAUNCH is our diversity across different schools/disciplines and our balance of graduating and first-year/earlier year students, which brings stability and continuity. However, first and foremost, we seek applicants who embody the spirit of LAUNCH.

Written Application

To be considered, all applicants must complete the LAUNCH Crew Application and upload one document that includes the three components of the written application. (See below.) Each portion of the application should be no more than one page. (Thus, your application should be a four-page document total.) Each page should include your full name, major/dept, year of graduation, and page number in the top right header margin. The document should be .pdf format. Please name your document using the following convention "Full Name-Major/Dept-LAUNCH App F2013.pdf" and email to Monica_Vardeman@baylor.edu.

The Written Application Components:

  1. Resume: One page.
  2. Statement of Interest: One page answering the following:
    What will you bring to LAUNCH?
    What are you hoping to learn or receive from your LAUNCH experience?
    What is your background, particularly as it relates to LAUNCH?
    What would you be able to contribute to LAUNCH (in terms of skills, contacts, etc.)?
  3. Shark Tank Analysis: Write a one-page analysis on one of the Shark Tank episodes listed below. Analyze the deal as to whether or not you would have made the investment. What are the pros and cons? Where did the pitch fail? What would you have done differently in the pitch? What other information would you find helpful in making your decision? There is no right or wrong answer. We simply want to know how you think so be clear on your thought process.
    Shark Tank - Crooked Jaw Clothing
    Shark Tank - Sweep Easy
    Shark Tank - Lumi

The LAUNCH Crew Commitment

LAUNCH is successful with the full participation and contributions of its Crew. All prospective LAUNCH Crew members must be prepared to do the following once admitted to the program:

  1. Sign the NDA. All LAUNCH Crew must sign a standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the companies we work with during the year. Recognizing that the Crew are sometimes involved with other companies during the school year, there is a mechanism to recuse oneself from any given company. If you are unwilling to sign a general NDA on principle, please do not apply.
  2. Attend All Scheduled Events. All Team Meetings, Speaker Events, Workshops, etc. are considered mandatory unless you have a class that meets at the scheduled time.
  3. Support Company Selection and Crew Recruiting Process. These processes occur every semester in Aug/Sept and Jan/Feb. Responsibilities entail looking out for great start-ups or innovative companies and students to apply to the program as well as screening candidates and conducting interviews.
These are only the minimum roles and responsibilities of the current Crew and other responsibilities may arise as the program evolves. However, we recognize that our Crew are students and take this into significant consideration.

We seek candidates who are strong leaders and will help drive the organization during their Internship. After the initial semester, we expect our Crew to serve as a Team Leader and/or Junior Consultant. Even without a formal title, our expectation is that our Crew constantly seek ways to improve or contribute to the organization.

Application FAQ

Still have questions about the application process or LAUNCH in general? Contact our LAUNCH Crew Program Coordinator - Monica_Vardeman@baylor.edu.

We have attempted to make our decision process as transparent and fair as possible, but all decisions are final regarding the application process. LAUNCH reserves the right to accept or refuse any applicant as a crew of LAUNCH. LAUNCH makes no commitment to any applicants of assured entrance into the organization.

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