Simplify Global Access

ENTRY programs build bridges from the region to the world's markets. LAUNCH's execution coaching platform in these regions provides networks and expertise needed to navigate the transition from regional to international player.

Baylor's links to China and SE Asia, for example, are valuable to firms who want to explore exporting to these markets and need expert advice, as well as trusted partners to build this economy by serving a global range of customers.

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i5 in China Program: accelerating global access

The i5 in China Program specializes in helping companies expand their businesses internationally, US companies going to China and China companies going to the US. In short, we simplify and accelerate global access.

The program utilizes the proven Accelerated Commercialization Process (ACP) along with expert coaching from Senior Consultants, supported by qualified student interns to streamline and crystalize your business plan to be successful in a competitive overseas market.

The program is designed to accelerate your company's global expansion and commercialization.

Key Cultural Issues include:

  • How customers think
  • How market channels operate
  • How intellectual property is protected
  • How to find trustworthy partners

Our program is a hands-on, experiential process that energizes your company's project and your team through 3 phases of engagement with expert coaches and qualified student consulting teams over a 10-week timeline.

Through our process, you will create a fully validated strategy for your global soft landing that will resonate with your customers and other stakeholders and develop an action-ready team that can execute with excellence.

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