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PROBLEM:I need to create an innovation pipeline to drive and sustain growth in my organization

PROMISE: LAUNCH’s system increases innovation speed up to 6 times and decreases risk by 30-60%

PROOF: Companies using Innovation Engineering tools are realizing a 250% improvement in the success of ideas that they put into development, saving them significant time, energy, and money.

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In today’s fast changing world innovation is not optional. And if you can’t innovate fast, you don’t have a chance.

The Innovation Engineering Express Experience is a live demonstration event that will let you see, feel and touch what it’s like to be part of a high performance innovation team that can outpace the competition in today’s fast changing world.

Contact Us:For more information on the IE Express Events: Printable IE Express Flyer OR email: Monica Vardeman - IE Program Coordinator

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Innovation Engineering's mission is to TO CHANGE THE WORLD BY ENABLING INNOVATION by everyone. everywhere. every day. Resulting in increased speed to market (up to 6x) and decreased risk (30 to 80%).

LAUNCH provides certified Black Belt coaching for Innovation Engineering.

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