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PROBLEM:I lack the resources and time to pursue my business growth opportunity

PROMISE: LAUNCH provides trained student teams as consultants to move your project forward, saving time and money

PROOF: Professional coaches engage with you and your project team, utilizing student intern teams


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LAUNCH Crew - All Year

Our LAUNCH Crew Interns are some of the best and brightest that Baylor University has to offer!

These interns are juniors, seniors or grad students, studying a variety of disciplines, who have proven themselves in the classroom and are proving themselves in the real world, through experiences with our sponsoring clients. Whatever your project need, we can find interns that can help you!

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Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative

Whether you have a patent pending in China or a promising gizmo under R&D in the U.S., your technology innovation requires a fully vetted commercialization plan to become investment-ready. And that takes time as much as money.

LAUNCH/TEI Director Dr. Gregory Leman is himself an inventor on a number of pending patents. He knows what an entrepreneur faces once the grand slam idea is looking real. His goal is to make sparks fly for your project so that, far from stalling out, your innovation is poised for accelerated commercialization.

Here are just some of the benefits our past Innovators have experienced when sponsoring a LAUNCH/TEI Team:

  • A choice between U.S.-based Team and cross-cultural i5 Team embedded in China ~ with you.
  • Intensive, compressed timeline leading to more rapid market readiness.
  • Cost effective market research.
  • Powerful methodology, utilizing the Accelerated Commercialization Program (ACP), a world-class proven process.
  • Ownership of all project-specific deliverables such as your business plan, grant application, research findings, etc.
  • Commercialization resources that are practical and immediately usable.
  • Development of a compelling story that validates and communicates the tech venture's unique business opportunity.
  • Regained focus and enthusiasm for developing the next phase of your business.
  • A plan to adjust to market changes and keep your business current and relevant.

Two Options for Innovators:

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Technology Entrepreneurship Class Spring

TEI Spring course is designed to help you create and articulate the plan needed to tell others about your technology-based venture whether you’re a startup with a new invention or a large multinational firm struggling to describe or justify a business concept.

Talented teams of MBAs, engineers and business students assist you in gathering the needed information along this journey and deliver a business plan.

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i5 in China Internship Summer

The i5 in China Program specializes in helping companies expand their businesses internationally, US companies going to China and China companies going to the US. In short, we simplify and accelerate global access.

The program utilizes the proven Accelerated Commercialization Process (ACP) along with expert coaching from Senior Consultants, supported by qualified student interns to streamline and crystalize your business plan to be successful in a competitive overseas market. The program is designed to accelerate your company's global expansion and commercialization.

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