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Parking violations: Students enjoy using parents+ parking permits

Sept. 11, 1996

Parking violations:

Students enjoy using parents' parking permits

By Liberty Lay and Amy Priour

Lariat Staff Writers

Baylor faculty and employees have a few advantages over students when it comes to parking because their parking stickers provide them the opportunity to park in special lots.

With parking lots designated especially for them, these F-E sticker holders do not face the fierce competition for parking spaces that students do.

However, the student parking dilemma is sometimes skirted by students who use their parent's F-E parking stickers.

'My sister and I had two cars at one point last year,' Heather Kuligowski, a Lorena sophomore, said. 'One was my mom's old car with an F-E parking sticker.'

Kuligowski said it was only for the last month of school, but that sometimes they did park in faculty parking lots instead of getting a temporary student sticker. No one ever confronted them about where they parked, she said.

Chief Jim Doak, director of the Baylor department of public safety, said this type of parking situation is an 'ongoing concern' that the department 'deals with more often than we need to.'

On Tuesday alone Baylor police dealt with two students who had parked in F-E parking lots, Doak said.

'We're being very watchful,' he said.

Doak said the real problem lies not with the students but with their Baylor-employed parent.

'It's an abuse of power,' he said.

Not everyone agrees that power is being abused.

Tommye Lou Davis, professor of classics, said she is happy that students who have grown up as a part of the 'Baylor family' choose to stay at Baylor instead of attending another school.

'I think maybe they deserve a little break,' Davis said. 'I don't see that as terribly abusive.'

Because the offense is not really illegal, Baylor police officers do not issue tickets but simply give students a verbal warning.

'It's not a legal violation but an ethical one,' Doak said.

Doak estimated that approximately 100 students a year are caught parking in F-E parking lots.

It is a problem that was recognized about three years ago and has been discussed in numerous faculty meetings, he said.

When students park in F-E lots, it may mean faculty have to park in student parking lots 'which exacerbates the problem,' said Student Body President Collin Cox, whose parents teach at Baylor.

'The bottom line is there are no conditions under which students can park in F-E parking lots,' Doak said.

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