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Confidence returns after worrying about graduation, career decisions

Sept. 11, 1996

The issue:

The decision of which way to turn after college is a difficult one.



Lariat Copy Editor

It is a bit scary and exciting all at the same time. Just the thought of graduation, which just happens to be a little under four months away, makes me wonder where the time has gone.

What are my plans? I haven't the slightest idea. I think about graduation day a lot but always put it out of my mind to ponder on at a later date. I figure there is plenty of time left, but I had constant reminders that I should have thought about exactly what it is that I planned to do years ago.

Unfortunately, I am a bit of a procrastinator. I just can't decide in which direction I truly want to head. Will it be in the field of journalism or in sociology? I just have not made up my mind yet.

I must say the stark realization of my indecisiveness never really hit me until the past few weeks. I went through financial settlement for the last time, and as I stood waiting in the endless lines there was plenty of time to think about which course of action I should take after Dec. 14. To my sheer amazement, all I could think of was where would I find that absolutely perfect outfit?

A slight bit superficial, I must say, but that is what went through my mind at the moment.

Another thought popped into mind: when and how many invitations did I need to order?

After making those agonizing decisions in short matter of time, I went back to the novel I had brought along to keep me occupied for the couple of hours that I would spend standing in the gym. Perhaps I was just trying to busy my mind so that I would not have to make such hasty decisions.

Later, when I talked to my mom about the big day, she had some great ideas about what I should do as soon as I make it across the stage ­ but none suited me and what I thought I wanted do. At the time I just did not want to have to decide. Again, I procrastinated.

I thought about how much I really enjoyed being a student and decided ­ why should it end?

My decision and solution: graduate school. I am not sure if I just love learning or if I am just scared of the real world.

Please don't misunderstand me; by no means am I a slacker. When a task is set before me, I give it my all. I just think this is just one student who has cold feet. The event known as graduation is very life-altering, and it should be taken serious.

In the end, all good senses returned, and I knew with the greatest confidence that I will and can survive anything that life has to offer me. The world is my playground.

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