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Sept. 11, 1996

Thanks to very special group of people

This letter is way overdue because some of the people it is meant for have already graduated, and unfortunately, they will not have the opportunity to read it. Anyway, to get to the point, I want to thank the great population of students we have here at Baylor.

I have just gone through a very tough year with a chronic illness and the treatment for it. I have lost count of how many students would stop me and pray for me or take the time out of their day to pray for me when I was not around. I could not list the names of everyone because some of the students I never knew their names, and those names I do know are too numerous to list, but you all know who you are.

There are some staff and faculty members from whom I received support too, and I thank them also. But by far I received more support, understanding, love and prayers from the student population at Baylor than anyone else.

There is no thank you big enough to express the gratitude I feel for the students here at Baylor for all their caring, love, support and, most of all, prayers. Through all the years, even after you all have graduated and gone on to live very successful lives, I will hold the memories of your concern for my life in my heart forever.

Thank you all for being the wonderful and special people that you are, and best of luck to all of you.

Kathy Eberley

Moody/Jones Library Security

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