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Registration set to hit the wires for spring term

Sept. 11, 1996

By Summer Blackwell

Lariat Reporter

Baylor students will be able to preregister for spring classes this fall by using Bear Touch Telephone registration.

Telephone registration is an entirely computerized system, so when students call the BearTouch telephone number, they will hear a recorded message followed by a menu that features several options. From these options, students can select a meal plan, arrange for a parking decal and register for classes.

Telephone registration will allow most students to register and change schedules without the signature of an adviser. However, some degree plans will require that students be advised in person.

Academic advisement information will be printed in the Spring 1997 Schedule of Classes.

Students will be assigned a day to register according to their classification and the first letter of their last names. A student may register on, but not before, their scheduled day. After a student's scheduled day has passed he/she may register on any designated open day or weekend. An early registration schedule will be included in the schedule of classes.

Anna Kay Hollon Harris, assistant registrar and manager of registration, said it is essential students refer to the information provided in the Schedule of Classes booklet. The Schedule of Classes will tell students how to register, when to register and which degrees require advisement.

The Schedule of Classes will no longer be sold in the Baylor Book Store. The schedule of classes, which previously cost $1, will be available at no charge.

Students may pick up a schedule of classes 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Den Hall (the hallway near the television room) of the Bill Daniel Student Center on the date designated by their classification: Sept. 16, freshmen; Sept. 17, graduate students; Sept. 18, seniors; Sept. 19, juniors; and Sept. 20, sophomores.

BearTouch made its debut last March when a pilot group of students registered for their summer and fall courses by telephone. The group included students from the Hankamer School of Business, the School of Education, and the psychology and sociology departments of the College of Arts and Sciences.

About 2,200 students were eligible to register by telephone. Only one-third of that number, however, actually participated.

Barbara Gillum, manager of undergraduate advising and degree planning in Hankamer, said students' responses toward the new system varied.

'Some students were frightened by the new system, but others were excited because they had done it before at other schools,' she said.

Harris said she was pleased with how well telephone registration worked last spring. She said the only significant problem was that the date for Dean's List students to register came before their date to register by telephone. Because of this problem, some students were not able to use BearTouch.

Harris said the few problems that did arise have been remedied, making telephone registration easier and more convenient.

Although most students will be allowed to register by telephone, some students who are not eligible for telephone registration. Freshmen, first semester transfer students, freshmen challenge program students, athletes and students on academic probation will not be able to register by telephone.

There are also some graduate programs that will use telephone registration, such as the School of Business, Institute of Graduate Statistics and clinical psychology. Students in these programs may register by mail through their graduate programs or come to the Registrar's Office.

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