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Exhibit shows faculty works

Sept. 11, 1996

Jenny Bourn/The Lariat

Dr. Robert Ray of the English department is one of the featured faculty authors in the Moody Library display of faculty works.

By Neal Suit

Lariat Reporter

If students ever wonder what their professors do in their free time, they might visit Moody Memorial Library.

To help honor Baylor faculty whose work has been published in the past year, the Baylor libraries will present a special exhibit entitled 'Baylor Authors and Artists at Work,' currently on display in the foyer of Moody Memorial Library.

'We wanted to highlight the scholarly work going on right here on campus,' said exhibit chairman David Rogers. 'It seemed like the natural thing to do.'

There are 55 faculty members presenting works that include books, photographs, pottery, musical compositions and art. The display shows the work, a photograph of the exhibitor, biographical information and a few comments on the work by the author. Topics cover a diverse range, from slavery to the death penalty.

'I think it's a good idea [to exhibit the work],' said Robert Ray, a professor of English whose book, 'A George Herbert Companion,' is on display.

'It will probably be a surprise for the people on campus to see the type of work put out by faculty,' he said.

Ray spent more than three years working on the book, which is actually less time than he spent on his previous three books. The book is about George Herbert, a metaphysical poet from the 17th century who wrote only Christian works. His most famous work is a collection of poems entitled The Temple.

'There was no book like this to help people read and understand George Herbert,' Ray said.

'It [the book] is a kind of central resource work to literally understand the poems and prose of Herbert. It just happens to be one of those areas no one got around to doing.'

Ray is currently on sabbatical in order to complete his fifth book, a study of Andrew Marvell.

Bob Patterson, a professor of religion, said he is encouraged by the exposure the exhibit will bring to the faculty.

'Anything to bring exposure [is a good idea] because as faculty members we work privately and colleagues seldom know what we are doing,' Patterson said.

'Publishing attracts graduate students and Baylor needs the publicity,' he said.

Patterson's exhibited book 'Who is Jesus Christ?' is the 36th book he has either contributed to, edited or written.

'I guess I'm just a compulsive writer,' Patterson said. 'It keeps me from walking the streets at night. '

Patterson took about a year to write his current book, though he had been researching the topic for many years.

'The basic premise is that Jesus came to reveal the character of God as loving, heavenly father,' Patterson said.

Patterson is currently working on a project about the doctrine of revelation and Patterson will be editing a series of eight books on the topic.

'Each spring we have a banquet for faculty who have published,' Patterson said. 'This is a very productive faculty.'

The exhibit opened this week and will continue through October. This is the first year the exhibit has been displayed. The Baylor Libraries plan is to make it an annual event.

Exhibitors featuring books include Dr. Debra Andrist, Dr. Robert Baird, Dr. T. Lindsay Baker, Dr. Lewis Barker, Dr. William H Bellinger Jr., Dr. Lyle Brown, Dr. Larry Chonko, Dr. A.J. (Chip) Conyers, Robert F. Darden, Dr. Derek H. Davis, Dr. Dovalee Dorsett, Melissa Essary, Dr. Guillermo Garcia-Corales, Dr. Walter T. Harrison Jr., Dr. Barry A. Harvey, Dr. C. Alton Hassell, Dr. Maurice Hunt, Dr. Duane Ireland, Charles Kemp, Emily Ketcham, Dr. Roger Kirk, Dr. Joseph A. McKinney, Dr. Linda McManess, Dr. Carlos Moore, Dr. J. Randall O'Brien, Dr. Bob E. Patterson, Dr. J. William Petty, Dr. Rusty Pippin, Dr. Robert H. Ray, Dr. William Reichenstein, Dr. Michael Robinson, Dr. Stuart Rosenbaum, Dr. F. Gordon Stone, Dr. S. Kay Toombs, Dr. Joseph F. Velez, Dr. Patricia Ward Wallace, Dr. Charles A. Weaver, Dr. James E. Wood Jr. and Dr. Randy Wood.

Exhibitors featuring artwork or musical compositions include Sally Askins, Dr. Clark Baker, Dr. Bob E. Cromer, Dr. Joyce Jones, Dr. Berry Klingman, Dr. Marvin Lamb, Dr. John McClanahan, Paul McCoy, Mark Moran, Dr. Earlene Rentz, Terry Roller, Dr. Mary Ruth Smith, Dr. Karl Umlauf, Dr. Richard Willis and Dr. Richard H. Young.

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