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Point of Grace, 4HIM take to stage with Christian message

Sept. 10, 1996

Members of the all-female Christian pop group Point of Grace will team up with 4HIM in a concert at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Bell County Expo Center. Tickets are still available for the concert and may be purchased by calling the Expo Center.

Blake Riordan

Lariat Reporter

The power of music is one of the best ways to spread the message of God, Christian artists believe. In a 40-city fall tour, the award-winning musical groups 4HIM and Point of Grace have teamed up to spread the message of the Lord through their music. 4HIM and Point of Grace will play at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Bell County Expo Center.

With their latest album, 'The Message', 4HIM once again creates the sound that their fans have come to know and love. Throughout the album, listeners are able to open themselves to the beauty of the music as well as the intent of the lyric.

In a press release, group member Mark Harris said, 'One characteristic of 4HIM, even from the beginning, was that whenever we were picking songs, we chose those with a message that was very applicable to someone who was a Christian--a song of encouragement, a song of challenge or a song that was fun but still has a Christian message to it.'

The group has always been known for their lyrics being 'very straightforward--creative, but at the same time straightforward with the word of God,' Harris said.

On this album, the members of 4HIM were able to create their own individual styles while combining their efforts to make the powerful sound of their previous albums. Each song was given careful consideration to produce a new gospel sound.

'We took some chances musically this time, and we worked harder on this album than we ever have before because we wanted the great production we thought the songs deserved,' Harris said.

4HIM has had an incredible six years of musical ministry together that have made an impact on their lives and their listeners. The time they spend together and the production of their music have brought all four members of the group together.

In a press release, group member Kirk Sullivan said, 'Somebody asked us 'Are you more like really good friends, or brothers?' and I said, 'Neither. We're like...married'.'

4HIM members have accomplished much over the last six years. They received the 1993, 1994 and 1995 Dove Award for Group of the Year as well as the award for American Songwriter Christian Artist of the Year. 4HIM has landed 11 number one songs and has produced six albums in the group's six-year career.

4HIM has performed at Jerusalem 3000, which is a celebration of Christian and gospel music in the Holy Land, and the groiup participated in the 1994 Bible distribution trip to Russia.

However, their success has left them humbled when they consider how far they have come in six years, they said.

'I look back now and I can't believe all the things that have happened in the past six years,' said member Marty Magahee. 'To see where He has us now, I still can't believe He's decided to use me, to use us. It's very humbling.'

The whole group agrees that their success and experiences together have made them closer to each other and the Lord.

'We've been through the Disneyworlds and the Vietnams of our lives together,' Magahee said. 'We've gotten very close and very honest with each other.'

Touring with 4HIM and spreading God's word is the foursome called Point of Grace. Considered the 'hottest' group in Christian music by The New York Times Magazine, Point of Grace works to answer God's call to living out faith in the real world.

With the release of a new album, 'Life Love and Other Ministries,' Point of Grace takes its creative chemistry and front-and-center convictions to a new level. The songs are able to get to the heart of the matter about matters of the heart.

Their new music is crisp and clear, cutting through the clutter with rich harmonies, soaring melodies and breathtaking vocal virtuosity. Each song continues the group's mission to reach a generation looking for answers, direction and the courage to live out its convictions.

In three short years, Point of Grace has become one of the most exciting, original and inspiring new arrivals in contemporary Christian music. They were selected as the 1996 Dove Awards Group of the Year and produced 11 number one radio songs. They landed a number one album with 'The Whole Truth' and two top ten albums.

However, Point of Grace's impact goes far beyond the charts and the record sales. The honesty, integrity and authenticity of these four young women have touched a common chord with audiences, establishing them as role models.

Nancy Alcorn, founder and president of Mercy Ministries of America, which Point of Grace members represent, said, 'Their support for Mercy Ministries reflects the compassion and concern they have for the hurting girls who come to us for help. They are excellent role models for the young women we minister to.'

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