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Letter to the Editor

Sept. 10, 1996

Mascots are part of Baylor family

While Mr. Wong is certainly entitled to his opinions (Sept. 5 Letter to the Editor), I think that it is also important to mention the value and benefit of keeping Judge Bill Boyd and Judge Virginia 'Ginny' Crump in the Baylor family.

Mr. Wong refutes the first of the (Waco) Tribune-Herald's statements with the argument that football players and 'the roar of the crowd' are the only sources of excitement to be found at Floyd Casey Stadium on Saturdays, and that Ginny is 'merely a novelty and diversion.' Ask the hundreds of fans who cheer for, and take pictures of the mascots during the game; ask the group of senior football players who have wanted to be photographed with mascots after games -- they'll let you know how excited they are.

If you question Ginny and Bill's status as 'depositories of university feelings,' stop by the bear pit any day of the week and count the students, faculty, and visitors who come by and watch the mascots.

If Mr. Wong wonders how students would react to the loss of a campus animal, then perhaps he should research Oscar Cooper's abrupt departure as Baylor University President in 1902.

Finally, and 'perhaps most irrational of all,' Mr. Wong suggests that by keeping a live mascot, Baylor appears to be living in a time 'when people still thought the earth was flat.' Texas, Texas A & M, TCU, Rice, Colorado, Auburn, Mississippi State, and the Naval and Air Force academies all have live mascots on their campus to this day. Is it possible that Christopher Columbus has yet to reach any of these campuses?

Geoff Moore

University Scholar '98

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