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Long lines await in Financial Aid

Sept. 10, 1996

By Liberty Lay

Lariat Staff Writer

For students involved in Baylor's work-study program, the first days of school may be filled with added anxiety.

In addition to settling their class schedules, working students must deal with the often time-consuming and frustrating process of finding a campus job.

Jeanette Kucera, director of financial aid, said that the long lines in the work-study office are nothing new.

'It's unfortunate, but not any different than usual,' Kucera said.

Wanda Paryla, a Chicago freshman, said the work-study wait was an inconvenience for students.

'It's just that they don't have enough people working at the window,' Paryla said.

Paryla said she had been to the work-study office three times in an effort to find a job. Because of the office's 'inconvenient' hours, Paryla occasionally waited in line only to be turned away from the window at closing time.

Kucera said she realized that waiting in line could be time-consuming.

'The only way to do this is to talk to each student individually,' Kucera said. 'It would waste more time if we did it differently.'

Kucera said she advised students to come to the office in the morning.

'Lines are generally longer in the afternoon,' she said.

Kucera said the beginning of the semester is usually the busiest time of the year in the work-study office.

She said financial aid staff members have to meet with work-study students personally in order to find a workable schedule for them.

'We meet their needs with class schedules and our needs filling a job,' Kucera said. 'We have very close controls over what jobs are available on campus.'

Kucera estimated that approximately 2,000 students work through the work-study program.

'We have a lot more students wanting to work,' Kucera said, citing both the economy and the larger student population as reasons for the increase over the last five years.

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