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Point of View: Enough is enough: Throw out the BCS, start playoff system

Nov. 19, 2010

By Tyler Alley

I am so happy Baylor football is having a great year. Otherwise, I might not be watching college football at all.

It's not because the games are boring. The problem is there are only two or three games a week that have any ramifications for the national championship game. What is the reason for this? We all know it, and most college football fans cannot stand it: the Bowl Championship Series, a.k.a. the BCS.

Every season since the BCS was created, only two teams have had a chance to play for the national championship, which could be viewed as "the gold medal of college football." Then eight teams below the top two teams play in the Orange, Sugar, Rose or Fiesta Bowl, or the equivalent of four silver medals.

All the other bowls after that might as well give out those trophies little kids get in their community soccer leagues for "playing real hard all year long." Those teams get a little more pride and earn some money for their university.

College football is the only sport without a tournament-style postseason, or playoffs. It is also the only sport where teams such as Boise State and TCU can go undefeated and not even get a chance to compete for a national championship. That does not make your sport unique; it makes it a travesty.

I do not understand how anyone can continue to deny that we need playoffs and defend the BCS; every "logical" reasoning to support it can be easily disproven. Some people say the BCS makes the regular season the playoffs. Well that's stupid. It's the regular season, which is supposed to lead to a postseason.

Some people try to compare college football to college basketball, claiming that fans would not pay attention to the games until the postseason, which is how college basketball is sometimes viewed with fans not paying attention until March.

The problem with that argument is that college basketball teams play 30+ games before the conference tournaments begin. College football teams play 12 games, and games are only once a week. Other take a more direct approach and attack the non-BCS teams such as Boise State, saying the Broncos do not play any good teams from big conferences so they should not get a chance anyway. That is because there is no reason for teams from major conferences to play Boise State. Virginia Tech lost to BSU early in the year and it has hurt them all year. Had the Hokies defeated Boise State, it probably would not have affected their resume at all.

By the way, Virginia Tech has a 5-0 conference record in the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is considered a "major" conference. Personally, I think Boise State could cruise through the ACC, but the computer that controls the BCS does not care.

And if anyone thinks the current system chooses the best two teams, and therefore the most evenly-matched game, have a look at the scores for all four BCS National Championship games. All of the games were decided by double digit margins, including one 27-point deficit.

It's time for change in the NCAA. We need playoffs. I do not care if they have eight, 10 or sixteen teams; I just think something needs to be done to rectify college football. Remember that dramatic 2005 Rose Bowl between Texas and USC, when Vince Young took the game over in the second half and led the Longhorns to victory in the closing minutes? Imagine how many more of those games we could have if there were playoffs.

It's time to stop having bias against Boise State and TCU and give every team a chance to think that they could be crowned the best team.

Tyler Alley is a Houston junior journalism major and a reporter for The Lariat.