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Students to play at Acoustic Cafe today

Nov. 18, 2010

Nick Berryman| Lariat Photographer
Wes Butler performs during Acoustic Cafe Sept. 23 at the Bill Daniel Student Union Building Den.

By Chris Day

Two Baylor students will perform and a movie will be shown at Acoustic Café, which will take place at 7 to 9 p.m. today in the den of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

This evening's performers will be Plano freshman Amy Boykin, who was selected this semester to be an artist for Uproar Records, and Colorado Springs, Colo., junior Brandon Reed.

"Taylor Pfeiffer first talked to me about Uproar Records," Boykin said. "We met at Line Camp when I was playing at Common Grounds. Then I did After Dark, and they told me I should audition."

Boykin describes her sound as having elements of jazz, pop and folk and lists Regina Spektor and David Crowder Band as influences.

"I really love worship music, so of course I like David Crowder," Boykin said. "I've played piano since kindergarten. I picked up guitar in the eighth grade when I started leading worship, and I started taking jazz

piano my junior year."

At the start of her set, Boykin will fly solo, but after a few songs, her friend Josh Stone will join on guitar.

Boykin's sets consist primarily of originals, but she enjoys playing covers occasionally.

Reed, the other musician performing, will also be playing a set of original material, which he describes as "very coffee shop, which fits with Acoustic Cafe."

Reed always plays with a violinist and lists William Fitzsimmons and Ron Pope as influences on his sound.

"I mainly just play stuff that I write," Reed said. "My goal is to speak to people's situations, to relate with them through the music."

Reed's relationship with God has also influenced his music.

"I want to share my music because I want to relate with people's experiences," he said. "I feel like the Lord has given me stories to tell. I feel like if I keep those to myself then those are wasted experiences."

Reed will release an EP at this evening's show.

"Performers for Acoustic Café are selected from the Uproar Network," Keith Frazee, coordinator of student productions, said. "The Uproar Network is a roster of talented student-performers that are given performance opportunities across campus at different programs. The artists selected for the Uproar Records CD are first members of the Uproar Network. The music of Amy Boykin and Brandon Reed is acoustic and impressive. Both will be sure to give the audience a great show."

The film that will premiere is "43 Days" and is the third film in the Justice Film Festival series, but viewers should be aware that it contains mature content, Frazee said.

"It will be pretty impactful no doubt," Frazee said. "But the audience should be cautioned because the topic of the film features the compelling topic of human trafficking. Consequently there will be some mature content expressed."

This evening will also feature some visual art and photography from Baylor student artists.

"Acoustic Café is a program that has been around for almost 10 years, always showcasing some of Baylor's greatest student talent," Frazee said.

Students interested in performing at future Acoustic Café events can e-mail to get involved.