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Lariat Letters: Words spread joy

Nov. 17, 2010

I stumbled across Wakeelah Crutison's article "Celebrities pose real crush threat" today, and I must say that I found myself physically laughing out loud in the public library in North Alabama where I work.

I am a big fan of the television show "Supernatural," and I found this article while looking up information on the episode that will air tomorrow night.

I am an English Language Arts Education senior at the University of North Alabama, and I found Crutison's article to be written phenomenally well. It is wonderful to read a piece of writing that makes you be able to picture every detail of the scene that is described, and the way that Crutison wrote this article did exactly that. I could picture every moment from the time she first watched "Supernatural" to the moment she high-fived Jensen Ackles and left feeling star-struck.

Crutison also did one of the things that I appreciate most when an author does it: she made me laugh.

There is so much writing in the world today that has no joy or life to it, and it is refreshing to find stories that take you away from your everyday life and allow you to be an active participant in and receive joy from someone else's life even if for only a few minutes.

So please convey to Wakeelah Crutison that she wrote a fantastic article, and tell her that she brought joy to someone today. And, when everything's said and done, giving joy to someone is one of the greatest blessings anyone can bestow.

Chris Ferguson
University of North Alabama