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Lariat Letters: Online courses have benefits, Politically incorrect name calling

Nov. 11, 2010

Online courses have benefits

While I support Baylor's mission-minded goal of "creating a truly residential campus" (Baylor 2012, Imperative II), I respectfully disagree with a few points that were made in the Nov. 10 editorial concerning online classezs, in general.

With tools such as Blackboard at our disposal, students in online classes do have opportunities to get to know one another and share ideas through discussion threads, and document critiques are simple with virtual file sharing.

Because of the limitless geographical boundaries of online courses, the diverse input from other classmates and professors around the country or around the globe can be even richer than that received from peers who live within a few blocks of each other.

As for the comment about needing a reason to get out of bed, I would argue that it takes someone with a stronger than average sense of self-motivation and determination to undertake an online course and complete it successfully, simply because of the reasons you noted: self-paced curriculum and less face-to-face accountability.

Online courses aren't for everyone, but neither is dorm life.

Angela E. Pool Funai
Alumna, MPPA 2008

Politically incorrect name calling

I just wanted to comment on the piece written by Jade Mardirosian, "Vigil for alien students" dated October 29, 2010. I wanted to let the author know that I find the title to be highly offensive and next time a piece about undocumented immigrants is written, maybe The Lariat staff should research what is "politically" correct and what is not.

Nobody likes to be called an alien and just how we stopped calling other races/groups derogatory names, we need to stop referring to undocumented immigrants as aliens.

As a Baylor alumna, my wish is for Baylor students to be well informed before publishing something so offensive and uneducated like this article.

Claudia Olivas-Meza
Alumna, 2006