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Baylor gives to More than Me

Nov. 9, 2010

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One of United Way's missions is to build relationships with children to help foster their development into young adults. The More Than Me United Way Campaign helps fund such programs.

By Jade Mardirosian
Staff Writer

Baylor faculty and employees are giving back to the Waco and McLennan County community through participation in the second annual More Than Me United Way Campaign.

The More Than Me United Way Campaign allocates donations made by Baylor faculty and staff members to 22 agencies that provide health and human services in McLennan County.

Keith Richardson, campaign coordinator for United Way of Waco-McLennan County describes participation this year as pretty good.

Richardson said about half of Baylor's employees have already donated. He expects the final number of employees that will participate this year to be much higher.

"Last year the campaign did extremely well -- a little over $72,000 was raised," Richardson said.

In addition, Baylor was in the top five of 140 companies that participate in an annual giving campaign through United Way in Waco.

Richardson said President Ken Starr is extremely supportive of the campaign and believes leadership from the top has been instrumental in getting employees involved in the campaign.

Richardson said he believes the Baylor Family Compassion Fund has inspired more people to give because of its direct effect in helping co-workers.

Ron English, staff council of the More Than Me United Way Campaign committee at Baylor, said it is a worthwhile campaign for faculty and staff to get involved with.

"I personally believe that anytime you can give it is helpful not only for the person receiving, but also for the individual giving," English said. "The United Way is a more than deserving entity to receive the assistance as they help in so many ways throughout the community that other avenues can't or won't provide."

English said the donations made by Baylor's faculty and staff help foster relations between Baylor and its neighbors in Waco.

"Those that are able to give would hopefully feel a sense of connection to the community," English said. "Baylor sits in what has been reported as one of the fifth-poorest cities in Texas and if we're in the middle of such poverty, then it just behooves us as Christians to want to help and meet the needs of others."

English said he feels it is in direct correlation with the foundations of the Baptist faith to provide support and help to those in need.

"I have known families that need services provided by the agency. Knowing these people puts a drive in me to want to support because I see the actual help that is happening," English said. "And I never know when I may need the help. As I live day to day, I never know when I may strike a financial problem."

To donate, faculty and staff may follow instructions found at