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Anderson holds seat in House

Nov. 3, 2010

Makenzie Mason | Lariat Photographer
Charles "Doc" Anderson speaks to the crowd after finding out his opponent conceded.

By Carmen Galvan and Jade Mardirosian
Staff Writers

Citizens from parts of Waco and McLennan County have voted republican Charles "Doc" Anderson as their state representative for the fourth time, ending this year's election race between Anderson, democrat John Mabry and Libertarian Neill Snider.

Incumbent Anderson has served the past three terms in the Texas House of Representatives. Elected in 2004, 2006 and 2008 Anderson focused his attention on environmental protection by leading clean coal incentives. He opposed the building of 18 pulverized coal plants in the Waco area. Anderson graduated from the Texas A&M University school of veterinary medicine and is a practicing veterinarian in Waco. During his 2008-2010 term, Anderson served as vice-chair of the Agricultural and Livestock Committee and is a member of the Pensions, Investments and Financial Services and Rules and Resolutions Committees.

Anderson said that his primary focus this coming term will be border security and he will continue his efforts to protect the environment.

"Because of these transnational gangs and drug traffickers and human traffickers, there is just a human tragedy in that they are poisoning youngsters even right here at Baylor University," Anderson said Tuesday night. He said he wants to ensure the United States and Mexico borders are secure.

Mabry conceded defeat to Anderson Tuesday night after receiving only 38 percent of the votes, allowing Anderson to win with 58 percent.

Although Snider said he expected 20 percent or more of the votes, he received little more than 3 percent of votes when Mabry conceded to Anderson.

Mabry was elected in District 56 in 2002 and served one term in the House of Representatives. Mabry was unavailable for comment, but ran his campaign on a platform that included issues of education, the economy, homeowner's insurance rates, natural resources and second amendment rights. Mabry is a graduate of Baylor University and Baylor Law School. He is a partner in Dunnam & Dunnam L.L.P. and practices civil litigation, family law and criminal defense. He is also co-owner of Mr. Rooter of Central Texas.

Snider, president and owner of Neill Mechanical Technology, Inc. in Waco, has run for a seat in the House of Representative in the past three elections, twice for District 57 and once for District 56. Snider, who graduated with a degree in technology from Southwest Texas State University, centered his campaign on eliminating state taxes and reducing the state sales tax to 1 percent.