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Fuji Steakhouse provides unforgettable experience

Nov. 2, 2010

By Rachel Stobaugh

The friendly atmosphere at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi is welcoming for all ages. Featuring the traditional Japanese hibachi grill, Fuji is full of energy and perfect for the next outing with friends.

The hibachi grill offers a variety of meats to choose from, and also allows diners to try a combination of two meats if they choose to do so. The hibachi-grilled chicken and shrimp is juicy and succulent, and the rice and vegetables that accompany it are full of flavor as well.

With the hibachi section of the restaurant, the meal also includes a soup and salad, which is served while the chef is preparing the hibachi grilling process.

During my meal at the hibachi grill with friends, two individuals ordered sodas to drink: one Dr Pepper and one Coca-Cola. When the waitress returned with the drink order, she had forgotten which soda was which.

In order to differentiate between the two, she proceeded to lift the drinks, one at a time, to her nose in an attempt to smell them apart. After setting the drinks down, she walked back to the kitchen. At that point, the customers were upset not only that the waitress had sniffed their drinks, but that she still got them backward.

The hibachi grill has great food to offer, but I would stick with water to avoid any problems with drink orders. Other than that, the experience was unforgettable.

To compensate for the entertainment and top-notch food, the prices range from $15 to $25 per plate. To cut down on the cost, consider splitting the hibachi order, because it is a rather large serving.

Keep Fuij in mind when your parents are in town and looking for a great new place to take you and the roommates. Fuji's hibachi section is a perfect setting for catching up with friends and family, and great for children, too.

Along with the hibachi portion of the restaurant, Fuji also has a traditional restaurant setting. Their sushi bar features a wide range of sushi, sure to fit your preferences.

While visiting Fuji, I noticed several friends splitting a California roll at the sushi bar, and soon after, the rest of their group joined them. After sharing several orders of sushi and ordering some drinks, they preceded to the hibachi grill where they dined together.

The sushi bar not only serves as an appetizer station, but also as a suitable place for a quick, high-class meal. The sushi bar is a more relaxed, quiet atmosphere, perfect for a quick lunch with friends, or a great snack.

Fuji is one of the higher-end restaurants in Waco, and had a large number of customers both at the lunch and evening hour. Fuji has managed to take the steakhouse portion of the restaurant and turn it into hibachi heaven, with the upbeat atmosphere that college students are looking for.

However, they are still able to offer the quieter setting for those of us who are craving sushi but needing to study for exams. It's a great combination of some of the best hibachi grilled foods and sushi in the area, and definitely worth checking out.

Fuji is located at 5901 W. Waco Drive near Richland Mall.