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Ferrell Center requires guidelines for concerts

Jan. 24, 1997

By Lori Lenarduzzi

Lariat Reporter

In the past year, the Ferrell Special Events Center has hosted a wide variety of artists, ranging from Steven Curtis Chapman to Lorrie Morgan.

Though the University is christian oriented, it does not require every entertainer be religiously affiliated. However, there are limits.

Rob Seitz, director of the Ferrell Special Events Center, handles all the booking of concerts and special events. If the artist or group is questionable, a meeting of the guidelines committee is called.

The chairman is Dr. William Hillis, vice president of student life,while the rest of the committee is made up of various individuals from academic departments.

When the committee comes together, they discuss the questionable act, which must meet some particular criteria.

According to the guidelines, the entertainment must be suitable for family audiences, provide inspirational content and be free of any aspect that would demean the name of God.

'I think Baylor has to implement these standards so that we can uphold a Christian image and set an example to society,' Lee Jayne Stone, a Baytown senior, said.

Other students believe differently.

'I can see where Baylor is coming from, but students are going to hear non-Christian music anyway, so I think Baylor should allow more groups to play on a trial basis,' Maureen Smith, a St. Louis, Mo., sophomore said.

Acts that have not been approved by the committee are Bush, Jeff Foxworthy, Willie Nelson, George Jones, and the Live Tour of Mortal Kombat.

In April of 1995, Reba McEntire had been booked for an afternoon concert and was later canceled because it was planned for a Sunday afternoon.

'We had to cancel because we are not

allowed to do Sunday concerts,' Seitz said.

Some of the acts approved by the guidelines committee that have played at the University are Immature, The Beach Boys, Huey Lewis and the News and Clay Walker.

'We have the possibility to bring in a lot of acts, but sometimes we aren't able to book them because they are looking to play bigger markets like Dallas and Austin,' Seitz said.

James Taylor and Michael Bolton were approved, but did not book a concert here.

Seitz said he knew students wanted to see more of their favorite artists in concert.

'As long as I am director of the Ferrell Center, I will do my best to bring in a wide variety of acts that the students will enjoy,' Seitz said.

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