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Program reaches students

Jan. 24, 1997

By Karen Taft

Lariat Reporter

College students across the nation are reaching out to local high school students through Young Life, a national outreach program that shares the gospel in a relaxed environment.

Young Life leaders travel to local high schools seeking students who are interested in a casual atmosphere to build friendships and share their faith. Leaders spend time talking and getting to know students during their lunch hours and after school, and then invite them to attend their weekly club meetings.

'Young Life requires giving away a lot of free time and lunches where you are not exactly welcome all of the time,' John Hamer, a Fort Worth senior, said. 'It is tough, but it is very rewarding.'

Club, Young Life's weekly meeting, is an opportunity for the leaders and students to interact with one another on a more personal level. The group members sing songs and participate in skits involving the leaders and students. Near the end of the meeting the leaders try to bring the tone down, and they share a message for about five minutes regarding sin, salvation or other topics that are applicable to students' lives.

'We sing fun songs, and we do different skits that are fun and really obnoxious,' Nancy Clinton, a Belleville, Ill., sophomore, said. 'It is a ministry for high school kids where we can share the gospel with them in a casual, fun way.'

Young Life has recently teamed up with Mission Waco. Leaders are trained to do Young Life work, and they are now being trained to do inner-city work.

'In high school I was in Young Life, and I had leaders that played an important role in my life,' Cynthia Henges, an Austin sophomore, said. 'It helped me, so I thought I could help share my faith with others.'

For students who are interested in Young Life, an informational meeting will be at 8 p.m. Sunday at Mission Waco.

'If you have a heart for Jesus and a heart for kids, then you should do it,' Henges said.

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