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Dorms to be wired

Jan. 24, 1997

Kevin Johnson/ The Baylor LariatPaul Henry, a Marble Falls freshman and Byron Wier, a Grandview freshman, watch television in their Martin dorm room. Many students are now able to have features such as cable and the internet wired directly into their dorm room.

By Christi Kushlan

Lariat Reporter

The Center for Computing and Information Systems is now offering students access to the University's computer network, cable television and additional phone lines in dorm rooms through a program called ResNet.

ResNet began last spring when a pilot project was proposed and approved by the Baylor Board of Regents. The dorms chosen for the project were Penland and Memorial Residence Halls, and construction was under way this summer, said Richard Gerik, assistant director for computing services.

While only half the rooms in Penland and Memorial provide ResNet services, the goal of the project is to have more, if not all, dorms wired for computer, cable and additional phone line connections by the summer of 1998, Gerik said.

The response has been exciting, said Chris Lemon, ResNet coordinator.

'This is really a big technological step for the University accounts,' Lemon said.

According to Gerik's figures, 70 students from Penland and Memorial Halls have purchased 80 ResNet services.

'We really want to make these services a part of everyday life for students,' Gerik said. 'And we'll do this by bringing the services out to everyone.'

The application for ResNet service is found on the ResNet home page at

Off-campus students also will have the access to the University's computer network beginning next week through a dial-in service provided by CCIS.

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