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Jan. 24, 1997

Basketball team needs loud crowds

Have you ever wondered why Baylor can come so close to beating a Top 25 team at home in any sport? Do you ever feel like something is missing from the game?

Here's a big hint: THE FANS. After the 74-70 Baylor loss to Colorado Tuesday night, I could only feel frustration and disappointment toward our crowd. This opinion is not directed at everyone. There were a handful of fans who were loud and obnoxious the whole game. At the begining of the game, everyone was fired up and Baylor pushed out to a six-point halftime lead. The lead grew to as many as eight in the second half when for some reason, the enthusiasm disappeared.

You didn't get bored did you? We had a fight, people getting thrown out and questionable calls the whole second half. With Baylor up by one point with less than two minutes to play, only a few fans could be found on their feet and cheering.

What more do we need to get excited? Colorado is ranked #18 in the nation! I was embarrased that in front of the television cameras we didn't do our part to help Baylor win. We have a very talented basketball team that Baylor should be very proud of. If a home team is to pull off the upset though, they need the crowd behind them. We had a very good turnout but we just didn't make enough noise. Next time you go to a game, watch the Courtside Players, the Cavemen and those people in the green shirts on the other side of the arena. These groups (and other select individuals) are on their feet the whole game. If everyone followed these examples, we could give our team a little something extra. Something that could be the difference in the game.

John Sturdivant

Biology '00

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