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Jan. 23, 1997

Ebonics enslaves, doesn't educate

We are two Black-American students attending Baylor University and couldn't help but be disturbed by the article written on Ebonics on Wednesday.

We do not believe that by teaching in slang that children will learn the 'proper' English that society accepts today. Ebonics is an intellectual enslavement. It only separates the races instead of bringing them together. That is the issue that everyone should be concerned with instead of trying to make excuses for bad education and bad environment.

If our children are not adjusting, the change should begin within the national education system and not within the standard 'black English [in] the home.' It is time for our nation to stop finding different ways for covering up the problems in our school systems by creating excuses. In all honesty, we are outraged, insulted and in total disagreement with this 'Ebonics.' African-Americans have fought too long and hard to be pushed backwards into another stigma that has been created by those who do not understand our culture. As stated by the young lady who wrote the pro side of the article, America is filled with different types of slang. Yet to take a group of people and tell them that their slang has now been considered a different language is to tell them they are once again separate from other Americans.

Melissa N. Hearon and Erika A. Williams

English '00 and Biology/Pre-physical Therapy '00

Student embarrassed by Baylor fans throwing debris at CU fans

Am I the only one that feels any sort of embarrassment from what happened Tuesday night during the Colorado game?

I had the unfortunate experience to witness at least five Baylor students ejected from the game by campus security after an immature display common amongst fourth-graders. When a scuffle occurred on the court between a Colorado player and one of our own, some students felt it would be cute to throw various debris at the small Colorado-supporting audience in front of them.

After numerous complaints, campus security forced the students out, but not after the remaining Baylor crowd cheered them on, congratulating them. I was extremely dismayed and embarrassed at this point.

Baylor is a school of higher education, not a day-care center. Colorado was our opponent, not our enemy. The Colorado supporters were fellow Baylor students and those that were not probably came from a long way off to see this game only to be heckled and verbally assaulted, and I wish to apologize for the immature behavior of these students. We may have lost the game, but the Baylor integrity was the real loss of this game. Grow up people.

Brian Henry

History/Political Science '99

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