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Police suspect female in local bank robbery

Jan. 23, 1997

Jennifer Paschal/ The Baylor LariatOfficer David Schell of the Waco Police Department guards the entrance to Bank of America, 605 S. University Parks Dr., after a robbery on Wednesday afternoon.

By Amy Priour

Lariat Staff Writer

Police say an undisclosed amount of money was taken when Bank of America, at 605 S. University Parks Dr., was robbed at approximately 2:30 Wednesday afternoon.

The suspect is a white female, said Larry Murphy, a Waco Police Department public information officer.

'No weapon was displayed,' Murphy said.

Omoniyi Omotoso, a Nigeria freshman, was in the bank when it was robbed.

Omotoso said his back was to the woman and he was not really aware of what was happening until it was over.

'She (the robber) was real quiet,' Omotoso said. 'Most people didn't even know.'

Another University student was also in the bank at the time of the robbery.

'I was doing a transaction there,' Osbaldo Flores, a San Antonio senior, said. 'Apparently someone walked in with a note or something and gave it to a teller.'

Flores said it all happened quickly.

'She pretty much just walked in and walked out,' Flores said.

He said the tellers said the register had just been opened and that about $500 was taken.

As the woman was leaving the building, Omotoso noticed she was wearing 'large sunshades.'

He said the cashier then sounded the silent alarm and everyone was told not to leave the building.

Gigi Green-Bowie, a Waco resident, was leaving the bank, holding the door open for her father, as the robber left.

'She just said, 'Excuse me,' and went out the door,' Green-Bowie said. 'I didn't know what was happening until I got in.'

Murphy said the special crimes department is involved with the case and that the police department is working with the FBI.

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