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Letters to the Editor

Jan. 22, 1997

Staff members thank students, fellow employees for support

Our Own Baylor Family,

Pee Wee and I wish to thank all of the staff at Brooks and Collins Residence Halls for their caring and compassion in our time of need.

Pee Wee's sister Glenda Sue Shaw has been in intensive care at Hillcrest Hospital since Nov. 16. Glenda Sue was operated on Christmas Eve and again on Jan. 16.

Without the help and understanding of our directors Shanyor Newsome, Lynn Gunter and Anne Wildman we would have fallen apart. They never fail to say 'don't worry, just call me in case you have to leave, need help or just need to talk.'

Our special thanks also goes to the security monitors who call to check up, the prayer circles in their churches and the RA's who came to ICU to pray with the family. 'My girls,' I really feel they are mine, who have gone to the Red Cross to donate blood (yes, I found out),their prayers and Melinda with all going on in your life those words 'just call' mean more than you'll ever know.

We really do have our own Baylor family. They truly have the kind of love and compassion that truly good-hearted people possess. Our sincere thanks and gratitude for everything.

Pee Wee and Kitty Hestilow

Residence Hall Security Monitors

A.D. thanks students for KU game

Dear Baylor Student Body:

I wanted to take a moment to express the athletic department's appreciation for your outstanding support of our basketball team during the University's first Big XII sell-out basketball game against the University of Kansas.

The outstanding support and spirit displayed is something of which you should be greatly proud. Having been a former player and experienced the Kansas afternoon, I can't tell you how much a vocal and enthusiastic student body can mean to a basketball team and Harry Miller's basketball program.

Thank you for making the day one of the most memorable in Baylor Athletics history. Let's continue to show the other Big XII universities that we can be just as loud, vocal, and 'basketball crazy' as they are.

See you at the Ferrell Center!

Tom Stanton

Director of Athletics

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