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University website recognized

Jan. 22, 1997

By Wilson Aurbach

Lariat Reporter

The University's Internet website was selected in the top 30 percent of more than 50,000 higher education sites reviewed by NetGuide.

Some of the University's Web page award-winning features are the individual home pages that are maintained by students, faculty and organizations.

Dr. Larry VanLandingham, instrumental studies division director, said his website serves as a virtual mecca for anyone who needs to know anything about the University's percussion department.

If questions arise concerning the life and times of Becky King, associate director for Information Systems, a simple visit to her web page will provide all necessary information about her personal background.

Christopher Loeffler, a Houston senior, calls his home on the web 'Topher's Pad.' His site includes, among other things, personal information, his resume and a list of his favorite links.

The Baylor Sailing Team's web site provides a regularly updated collection of information and images for team members or anyone else interested in sailing to access.

The University Libraries' page is a comprehensive resource directing students and faculty to the many different aspects of the library's system.

'They exemplify the elements that make a home page informative, interesting to read and enhance the overall presence of Baylor University's web site,' said Vicky Gerik, Center for Computing and Information Systems' workstation director for associate systems and moderator for the web development committee.

During the spring semester, winners will be recognized twice.

There are three awards given, one each for faculty, staff and students.

Students can nominate their favorite web pages by completing the form under the People and Places button on the University Home Page.

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