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Literacy Mission Center is dedicated to using Bible as tool

Jan. 21, 1997

By Keirsten Layne

Lariat Reporter

The Literacy Missions Center, a new facility designed to reach the illiterate citizens of Texas, was dedicated Friday. A group of distinguished guests braved the cold weather to hear about the program's previous successes and future goals.

University provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Donald Schmeltekopf and Dr. James Semple, director of the State Missions Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, officially opened the Baptist Literacy Missions Center during the ceremony. Also attending were University Chancellor Dr. Herbert H. Reynolds and Dr. William D. Hillis, vice president of student life.

Although the center has been operating for nine years, the present location is relatively new. The center opened a year ago next to the post office on Fifth Street.

The center is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the University.

Coordinator Maurine Frost said she believes the strength of the program stems from the partnership.

'Texas has one of the best literacy missions programs in the country because of the close relationship between Baylor and the BGCT,' Frost said. 'Neither of us could do alone what we are doing together.'

The center provides literacy missions for the entire state. Volunteers are scattered throughout the state, and each is equipped to train churches to establish literacy programs.

The aim of the center is to help people learn to speak and read English, using the Bible as a main text.

'[It] makes you feel doubly good when you are helping people with their literacy needs and also with the spiritual needs,' Frost said.

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