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Jan. 21, 1997

Student upset at lack of turnout for MLK celebration on campus

As if Baylor not observing the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was not insult enough, an even more disheartening insult was the turnout at Penland's 'Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.'

Of the whopping eight people in attendance, I was one of the only two African-Americans present. If not for the struggles of the African-Americans led by Dr. King in the civil rights movement, many students would not be attending Baylor or many other universities and colleges, for that matter.

I contemplated not going to classes as a personal 'protest,' but realized that it would go against everything that Dr. King and his counterparts fought so passionately to achieve.

How can students of African-American heritage be upset with Baylor's decision not to observe this holiday if we cannot take the time to honor and celebrate the life of the man that worked so hard to get us where we are today?

Aimee Pitre

Telecommunications/Journalism '00

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