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ZZZ raises funds for relief in Haiti

Jan. 29, 2010

By Racquel Joseph

Saturday, with a Kool-Aid man suit, crazy costumes, and a Chevy step van in tow, Zeta Zigga Zamma, or ZZZ, will host Heroes for Haiti, a dance benefit to support Youth with a Mission's aid efforts.

Zeta Zigga Zamma will be giving students a chance to dress like superheroes and enjoy its well-known Kool-Aid bar at University Baptist Church Saturday.

San Diego, Calif., freshman Tiffany Lambert, along with San Antonio sophomore Kelly Oliver, originally proposed the idea of having a dance to raise funds for Haiti. They were inspired by the earlier church service at UBC during which all tithes were set aside to be donated to relief efforts.

"We thought, 'We can do something,"" Lambert said. "So we approached ZZZ because they've done this before, and people always come."

University Baptist community pastor Ben Dudley said that when Baylor student members of the congregation approached church leadership about using the space to host the event, University Baptist was very excited.

"Of course we want to help wherever we can. If that is opening up a space we want to do that," Dudley said.

Zeta Zigga Zamma, which began as a joke between friends, has always had service-minded aspirations.

"We've always had the goal to have at least one of our functions each semester to go directly to charity," Denver junior Ben Kessler, one of the seven founders of Zeta Zigga Zamma, said.

YWAM has maintained a center about 50 miles outside of Port-au-Prince in the town of Saint-Marc, Haiti, for 20 years. Now, they have been asked by the mayor of Port-au-Prince to register the refugees fleeing from the leveled city. Sean Lambert, father of Tffany Lambert, founder and president of YWAM Baja/San Diego and member of the Mission Global Leadership Team, said that at last count, about 8,000 refugees were flooding the streets of Saint-Marc.

In addition to this, YWAM is also providing its own service of supplying food and medical care to the refugees.

Every $5,000 that YWAM receives from fundraising brings a truckload of food across the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Thus, the Saint-Marc center needs all the help it can find.

"For the next month phase one is keeping people alive," Lambert said.

Wheaton, Ill., junior Drew Schutz, a Zeta Zigga Zamma founder, is looking forward to an excellent turn-out to support YWAM.

"I'm hoping for 700 or 750. Anything above that would be incredible," Schutz said.

According to past attendees, getting people to show up has never been a problem for Zeta Zigga Zamma. Chattanooga, Tenn., freshman Kiki Mackey has attended almost every Zeta Zigga Zamma event since she arrived at Baylor.

"When you go to a ZZZ party, you just know you're going to have a good time and they really care about serving the community," Mackey said.

Schutz recommends that newcomers should expect lots of dancing, energy and a fun crowd at the event.

Zeta Zigga Zamma also plans to give out cards redeemable for free food from Chipotle to the first 100 people to arrive as an added incentive.

"People are definitely stepping up. I know people are trying. I see it on campus," Tiffany Lambert said.

Heroes for Haiti will be held from 9 p.m. to midnight, Saturday, Jan. 20, 2010 at University Baptist Church, 1701 Dutton Ave. Admission is $5.