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In midst of ACL rehab, Griffin 'feeling well'

Jan. 28, 2010

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Robert Griffin prepares to throw a pass Sept. 19, 2009, against the University of Connecticut. Griffin tore his ACL the following week against Northwestern State University, and he missed the remainder of the season. Griffin is currently rehabbing and is said to be ahead of schedule.

By Matt Larsen
Sports writer

It may be basketball season, but news that sophomore quarterback Robert Griffin's knee is healing well is enough to catch the attention of even the most devout of Baylor basketball followers.

"I'm feeling good and believe I'm ahead of schedule," Griffin said Monday. "I ran on it two weeks ago, and it felt great."

Griffin suffered a season-ending knee injury against Northwestern State University in September and underwent surgery in early October after getting cleared for a medical redshirt.

Since then, he has gone through rehabilitation and voiced his pleasure at getting closer to full workouts.

"The initial feeling you have is 'Will I ever be able to walk again?', because it hurts so bad," Griffin said.

"It's good when you can start walking up stairs and it doesn't hurt, and you don't have to hop on one leg. [Now] I feel like I could run a 400-meter dash and be fine."

Unfortunately, it's the doctor's confirmation that Griffin, as well as the rest of Baylor, is waiting for before its quarterback can completely rejoin practice.

"I know Coach Briles will be eager to get me in there when he sees all the things I can do," Griffin said.

"I know the fans are going to want it and I'm going to want it. But we've got to listen to the doctors and the people who are qualified and just back off. I'll probably look normal, but not quite there yet."

Still, Griffin did not hold off on showing his excitement for what the younger players and potential recruits could bring to the team next season while also displaying his understanding of the expectations heading into his third season at Baylor.

"Even with a lot of young talent that did play," Griffin said of last season in an interview with Fox Sports Southwest, "there is a lot of young talent that didn't get to play.

"And especially with the recruits we [have] coming in, it will be exciting to see all the speed we [have] on the field. What Baylor wants the most is our football team back, and that's our job to do that and were looking forward to doing it."