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Stars act out with violent behavior

Jan. 21, 2010

Associated Press
In September, prior to his arrest on domestic violence charges, actor Charlie Sheen and his wife ,Brooke Mueller, arrive at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

By Jessica Acklen
Entertainment Editor

In case someone hasn't noticed, celebrities seem to have gone a little crazy lately. From Amy Winehouse's violent domestic dispute to Charlie Sheen's violent Christmas confrontation with his wife Brooke Mueller to the missing-in-action Tiger Woods who was reportedly fleeing from his golf club-wielding wife, it seems like violence may be the celebrity trend in dealing with conflict.

The holidays are apparently as rough of a time for celebrities as it is for some of us "normal folk." Tiger's car accident -turned- beating with a golf club was on Thanksgiving weekend. Amy Winehouse and Charlie Sheen both got a bit violent around Christmas. Winehouse was arrested for a incident at a Christmas performance where she, under the influence of alcohol, pulled the manager of the venue's hair. She pleaded guilty on Wednesday for the incident.

Charlie Sheen has less than a spotless reputation throughout his past. The "Two and a Half Men" star has a past spotted with drug usage, inappropriate sexual relations, and claims of domestic violence from some of his former love interests. Now on his third wife, with whom he has twin sons, Sheen's rumored history of domestic violence rears its head once again. Charlie and Brooke's past few weeks sound more like a soap opera than real life.

First, Sheen was arrested on Christmas at the couple's house in Colorado on charges of domestic violence, including second-degree assault and menacing against his wife. Mueller told police that Sheen put a knife to her neck and threatened to kill her. After posting bail, Sheen was released from jail and a restraining order was enforced to keep the couple apart.

However, only a week after the incident, Sheen's attorney sought to have the restraining order modified to allow the couple to have contact. Mueller's attorney also claimed that the couple was willing to reconcile and needed the best shot to do so.

Now, Charlie is again at Brooke's side, ignoring the restraining order, because she entered the hospital with an infection resulting from oral surgery. So perhaps they will reconcile. They both claim that is the goal.

The most strange and unexpected case of recent domestic violence was the Tiger Woods scandal, which turned into: How many women can claim that they have had an affair with Tiger Woods before 2009 is over? Honestly, I don't believe that all of the women were telling the truth. Regardless, something or someone set Tiger's wife, former Swedish supermodel Elin Nordegren, off. Reports swirl that Nordegren threatened Woods with a golf club and he was eventually involved in his infamous single car accident in November 2009. Although Woods' actions weren't violent, they did tear his family apart.

There have been many claims of Tiger sightings, but all have been hard to prove.

Thus, my question is: When is the violence going to stop? Celebrities are, in essence, public figures and should remember that their actions reflect not only on their character, but also their businesses. Woods has reportedly lost nearly all of his sponsorships, including Gillette, GM and AT&T. No matter how Woods plays golf or how big of a come-back he makes, his character is tainted and it is not a surprise that companies don't seem to want him as a representative.

Perhaps they could take a page from the Britney Spears come-back manual. She had her little wave of emotional and public upheaval, including her head-shaving-scandal and an attack she made on photographers with an umbrella. Then, in 2009 Spears had a hugely successful tour and her come-back album, "Circus," blew up the charts.

There may be room for redemption for all of these high-profile figures who are so talented, yet they are allowing their personal lives to eclipse their talent, be it music, sports or acting. It is waste of talent.