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Texas band Sky Eats Airplane to perform Friday

Jan. 21, 2010

By James Byers

Art Ambush will be the site of a triumphant homecoming on Friday night.

Sky Eats Airplane, a Fort Worth-based metal five-piece, will perform for the first time in Texas since undergoing major lineup changes and adding two new vocalists.

"I have been saying every day, more than once, that I cannot wait to get to Texas," lead vocalist Bryan Zimmerman said. "It's our home state. Waco and Fort Worth will be incredible because of the love and support that we have from the fans there. They support local bands like crazy, and you can't ask for more."

Sky Eats Airplane will be joined at Art Ambush by A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Everyone Dies In Utah, No Such Thing and Hello Eternal. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and tickets are $10 in advance on and $12 at the door.

In July 2009, lead singer Jerry Roush left Sky Eats Airplane, and the band began to conduct tryouts in search of a new vocalist. The band announced in December that bassist Johno Erickson had also departed, but that two new vocalists had been added. Zimmerman was named lead vocalist, and Elliot Coleman was chosen to sing and play bass. After writing fresh material as a unit, the new Sky Eats Airplane played its first show on Jan. 15 in Maryland, forcing Zimmerman and Coleman to quickly adjust to their new band.

"We only had 18 days to get ready for this little tour," Zimmerman said. "I had some initial fears that people wouldn't accept us, but after these first few shows I feel incredibly confident. It honestly couldn't be going better."

Houston junior Dono Tippett, who plans to attend Friday, isn't worried about the lineup change.

"I'm a big fan," Tippett said. "My favorite part of Sky Eats Airplane is the electronica feel that they have. They're really unique. They mix hardcore and electronica together."

Although Sky Eats Airplane has been writing new material, concertgoers won't be able to hear it Friday. Zimmerman said that the band is only performing songs from 2006's "Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day" and 2008's self-titled release. But fans won't need to wait long.

Zimmerman said the band hopes to finish recording by the end of February and to release an EP as soon as March. Zimmerman described the new material as "mature" and praised guitarist Zack Ordway.

"Zack is the most amazing guitar player I've ever seen," Zimmerman said. "He's an incredible writer, and it's a privilege to be in a band with him. Every time he writes new stuff, he matures, but he still has an edge. He's pushing more boundaries with the music. There's fusion in it. There's a lot of jazz, but it's still incredibly heavy."

The band hopes to record a third album this summer.

"It really depends on how our tour goes," Zimmerman said. "We're trying to give people the chance to see us as the new lineup."

Austin-based No Such Thing has also been in the recording studio lately. The band recently returned from a stint in Michigan where it was recording for an upcoming EP. Lead singer Ryan Hegefeld said that the band is excited to return to Texas and play with Sky Eats Airplane.

"This is definitely a privilege and an honor for us," Hegefeld said. "I remember when we were getting started a couple of years ago, and those guys were just then hitting it big. We actually went to go see them in concert. We're definitely excited just to share the stage with them."