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Point of View: Rested, we embark on this journey

Jan. 21, 2010

By Brittany Hardy

Rest is important and takes shape in several forms. Over the Christmas break, many students head home to spend time with their family and friends, take vacations, read, attend worship services, watch TV and movies, play and listen to music and overall simply experience "rest." They simply experience a slowing down of the spirit. Rest looks different for each of us, but satisfies a similar goal: a break in the grind, a respite from the day-to-day, sleep-deprived lifestyle many of us find ourselves playing an (overly) active part in.

My hope for you is that you experienced your satisfactory quota of this kind of rest. I hope you experienced the kind of rest that calms the aching soul and rejuvenates the worn-out muscles and tired eyes left over from finals season. As a college student, you most likely have the longest Christmas break you will ever have. Thus, I hope you took full advantage of it and I hope it treated you well.

Family time is good for many things: to both remind us of home and of the growth we have experienced since leaving. My family played about 100 games of Mexican Train Dominos and told stories of the middle daughter's adventures at Oklahoma University, my parents' experiences at their jobs, my observations here at Baylor and the youngest daughter's middle school follies. My family from Colorado came in town. I hadn't seen them in more than a year and their kids looked a million times older.

My aunt laughed when I exclaimed, "They're so big!" She said it's much more noticeable when they're not your kids. That is the funny thing about growth, though. Maybe I do not see my own growth because I am so busy experiencing it or feeling down on the days when I seem to struggle with the same things over and over again. But I see growth in Amber as she returns from her cardinal semester at college and has, for the first time, participated in life beyond the nest. And I see it in my Colorado cousins as I have the privilege of watching them become children of God. So, maybe I do not see my growth day to day and maybe I get frustrated because I still struggle, but someday I'll look back on this time and recognize just how formative these years were.

Growth is happening right now and we, each day, are becoming the adults we will be in the future. Rest plays a vital part in all this, because it restores us and prepares us for this time: the time for us to make the most of the opportunities we have been given.

A fatal car accident in my hometown was a tragic reminder that life is short and saying "I love you" holds significance. So I hope you did that too. I hope you surrounded yourself with people you love, respect, appreciate and admire.

My family watches "It's A Wonderful Life" every Christmas break. It's an honored family tradition. This movie is another reminder that life is precious. It reminds us that our life means much more than we often realize. With 14,000 students at this university, it is insane for us to not take every opportunity to make life better for the people around us. So go try something new today and get to know the people in your classes.

As we return to our 4-plus-year home, I hope you return ready for this adventure. It is a passage of working and growing and learning and loving. Now that you're rested, take advantage of what is to come.

I'm glad you're back.

Brittany Hardy is an Argyle junior majoring in journalism. She is the opinion editor for the Baylor Lariat.