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Valuables stolen during finals

Jan. 20, 2010

By Bethany Moore
Staff Writer

Five laptops and other items totaling approximately $5,500 were stolen from five students on Saturday, Dec. 13 in Alexander Hall.

The items were stolen from various study rooms on the second and fourth floors and the basement, where students had left them for a brief time while studying for finals.

Baylor Police Chief Jim Doak said the police department is still searching for the culprit but currently has no leads about the identity of the thief.

Palm Harbor, Fl. sophomore Nathaniel Dolan, had more than $1,950 worth of possessions stolen from him, when he left his back pack with a TI calculator, Macbook laptop, biology and calculus book in a study room.

"I was gone only 15 or 20 minutes and came back to find my backpack was missing," Dolan said. "I asked the guys around me if they had seen it, thinking it was a prank, and no one had seen it. I was getting nervous at this point so I contacted my CL, and we called and reported it stolen. That's when I realized I wasn't the only one stolen from."

The other students stolen from were Jonesh Patel, who had $800 worth stolen, Robert Harris, who had $750 worth stolen, Azaan Ramani, who had $700 worth stolen, and Justin Daugherty, who had his laptop stolen from him.

Dolan said he is amazed that something like this could happen, especially in the dorms, given their security measures.

"That's my home," Dolan said. "I spent eight months out of the year there, and now I just don't feel safe in my own home."

Tim Powers, associate director for Campus Living and Learning, explained that many of these thefts are due to students who allow strangers to "tailgate," or follow them into the dorm without swiping an ID.

"Baylor students are kind, polite and care, but in this instance students need to be aware," he said. "[They] will have to ask them to wait to enter."

Doak also said that the only way to safeguard from theft is to be careful where you place any of your belongings. You wouldn't leave your wallet lying around so why would you leave a laptop?"

Along with making students more aware, Dolan said he also hopes these incidents will cause the university to install more ID scanners inside the dorms to keep thieves from getting into the rooms if they tailgate.

"I am at fault for trusting that my stuff would be safe in the study rooms," Dolan said. "But I just really wish security in the dorms was more strict."