Switchfoot comes to campus for BYX Island Party

April 20, 2007


Shipwrecked with Switchfoot.

The Dove Award-winning band will headline for Beta Upsilon Chi's 8th annual Island Party today. Beginning at 5 p.m. at Fountain Mall, the event will feature performances from the John Boswell Band, Faith Dies Last, Kingsfall and Reeve Oliver.

Justin Farr, vice president of Beta Upsilon Chi, is in charge of organizing this year's Island Party.

Farr said he's excited about the opportunity to have Switchfoot perform at Baylor.

"We can reach people who wouldn't come to other events with Christian artists, because of Switchfoot's popularity," Farr said.

Trent Weaver, a DeKalb senior, contacted Switchfoot's agents through a company he worked for previously.

Weaver said it took more than a month of negotiations before the band agreed to play at Baylor.

He said the fraternity was looking for a way to expand its impact on the student population.

"Switchfoot has a very popular sound. Even though they're a Christian band, Island Party will be reaching a new audience because they are more mainstream," Weaver said.

Whitney Petty, an Austin sophomore, said she has been eagerly awaiting the band's arrival. She heard that BYX was trying to book the band through her involvement in Student Government.

"I really enjoyed their first album," Petty said. "It's really great that they're coming here because it's on their national Web site. ­That's great exposure for us."

Weaver is in charge of the logistics of Island Party. Since planning began in November he has been contacting various vendors, signing contracts and taking care of other intricacies.

Weaver said there will be plenty of games, popcorn, snow cones and a ferris wheel. Food is free for anyone who purchases an Island Party shirt for $10.

Farr said the winners of Shipwrecked Battle of the Bands also will perform throughout the evening. He said eight bands competed and three were selected through audience voting and a panel of judges.

Farr said the large amount of interest has helped BYX choose some high-quality bands.

"I think it's going to be an all-around good concert because all three bands have distinct sounds." he said.

Farr added that the John Boswell Band has an acoustic sound, while and the other two bands are more up-beat.

Weaver said members from every BYX chapter in Texas will be in Waco for the concert. He said church groups and other organizations from 20 states will also be in attendance.

Weaver said the fraternity is very excited about the event and encourages students to bring their friends and family.

"It's open to everyone. My family is driving down five hours to be here for Island Party," Weaver said.