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Baylor appoints Prescott new VP for development

Nov. 14, 2006

Staff writer

Dr. Dennis A. Prescott was unanimously approved by the board of regents to serve as Baylor's new vice president for development, President John Lilley announced Monday.

Prescott's job will include planning, organizing and implementing programs to secure financial resources for the university. Prescott will replace Interim Vice President Randy Lofgren on Jan. 8.

"I have nothing but the utmost respect for everything Baylor stands for and I'm excited about Dr. Lilley's vision for having a world-class academic institution in a Baptist tradition," Prescott said.

Prescott said he looks forward to getting to know the people he will be working with and said it's premature to say whether he will make specific changes.

Dr. Diana Garland, chair of the vice president of development search committee said there were more than 30 applications for the position.

"We gave the president (three) candidates, all of which we were happy to recommend, and then the president made a decision about the finalist," she said. "I am really thrilled with the outcome of the process. Any one of the candidates would have made a wonderful vice president and we are particularly pleased with the choice of Dennis Prescott."

She said the committee had a wide representation from various areas of the university, including several deans and faculty members as well as a student representative.

During his time as interim vice president for Development, Lofgren led a large reconfiguration effort.

"The president asked us to reconfigure our organization and the way we organize development to a more campuswide model where (development officers) are deployed out in separate departments and universities as well as maintaining a central development operation," Lofgren said, adding that the reconfiguration began in spring 2006.

"The idea is that all of us at the university have a responsibility to provide resources for our mission, so development officers have been assigned to each of the deans and departments like student life and athletics," he said.

Lofgren, who wasn't looking to assume the permanent position, has worked in the office of University Development for nineteen years. He will now serve as associate vice president for University Development.

"I was asked to make a contribution in that capacity while it was needed and I was happy to do it and pleased to move forward," he said. He said he doesn't expect any huge changes to take place after Prescott takes his post.

"Most of the changes had taken place during the reorganization effort and our preparations will be to conduct a comprehensive capital campaign to support the mission and vision," he said.

Lilley was not available for comment Monday due to his attendance at the annual Baptist General Convention of Texas Conference in Dallas.

"Dennis has a proven track record, having developed effective fundraising organizations and led successful development campaigns at several major universities," Lilley said in a press release. "With his leadership, I am confident we will make significant progress reaching the important fundraising goals of the 2012 initiative."

Prescott has led advancement programs such as fundraising, alumni relations and communications marketing at Mississippi State University where he is the vice president for external affairs.

He was also CEO of the MSU Foundation and has worked in the development office at Texas A&M University as assistant vice president for development, director of major gifts and deputy director of Texas A&M's "Capturing the Spirit" Campaign.

Prescott graduated with a degree in journalism from Texas A&M. He also earned a master's in educational human resource development from A&M and got a doctorate in instructional systems, leadership and workforce development from MSU.