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Collaboration offers student artists professional recordings

Nov. 29, 2005


Students are getting a chance to pursue their musical talents with the help of the Baylor Rising Artists Network and Troubadour Studios.

Five to six artists or groups will be selected through an audition process to determine who will participate in the recording of two tracks in a compilation CD.

"Auditions will be based on students' talents as well as their long-term musical goals," said Michael Riemer, coordinator of special performances. "We want to commit resources to students who are into music for more than a hobby -- students who are really interested in music for a career."

Troubadour Studios' partnership with the network offers a special opportunity, said Riemer. He also said the studio is a place where students can be creative and be comfortable.

Sherilyn and Steve Collins, owners of Troubadour Studios, are Baylor alumni who said they enjoy working with Baylor students and local artists.

"I think this is a great opportunity for Baylor students to showcase their talents," Duncanville senior John Boswell said. "It's cool they're looking for a wide variety of artists because they're giving everybody a shot."

Auditions are open to any student who is a member of the network. Becoming a member is as simple as filling out an application form.

All members who audition must attend a workshop given by Troubadour Studios, Riemer said.

This two-day workshop will take place Jan. 19 and 20. The workshop is free and participants only need to attend one of the scheduled days. Topics such as marketing, networking, mixing and CD artwork will be covered.

"There's so much more that goes into a CD than just recording the music," Riemer said. "The workshop will teach students about all the different aspects of the music business."

Riemer said although this is a trial run, he hopes to make this an annual opportunity for Baylor students.

If selected, students will receive a free demo of their tracks to send out to venues or record companies.

"This could be such a significant opportunity to jump-start a career in music," Houston junior Natalie Roldan said. "I'm so glad they're offering this because studio time can be expensive and this way, it's free."

After the recording is finished, the compilation CDs will be sold on campus and at Baylor events like AfterDark and Baylor Icon. All revenue will be used to fund future recordings, Riemer said.

Applications for the network are located online at

Information also will be provided at the Campus Programs Center in the Bill Daniel Student Center.