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Bear fans to reap benefits for loyal support

Nov. 18, 2005

by SHELBY THOMPSON, reporter

Go and support the Baylor Bears, and you might just end up on the beach.

Baylor Marketing is offering a new incentive program called the Golden Bear Rewards Club that will reward Baylor students with various prizes who attend Baylor games.

The Rewards Club will begin tonight at the women's basketball game against University of California, Los Angeles. After students swipe their Baylor ID card and receive a ticket, data will be automatically uploaded into a system that will keep track of students' attendance.

The Golden Bear Rewards Club will be implemented for men's and women's basketball, softball and baseball. Other sports, such as tennis, golf and track, currently don't utilize the required attendance technology but hopefully will be implemented into the rewards program in the future, said Bobby Jordan, assistant director of marketing.

"Our main goal is to increase attendance and reward students for attendance at home games," Director of Baylor Marketing Ray DeWeese said.

About 80 points are possible, with some games rewarding fans with two points. Big games and games over breaks, such as the Christmas holiday, reward higher point values to increase student support,DeWeese said.

Students that reach ten points will receive a Baylor T-shirt, 20 points will earns students an authentic Baylor polo, and thirty points can win an all-inclusive trip for two to the Caribbean, Jordan said.

Once students receive 30 points and are entered for the trip, every point after 30 will give students an additional entry, DeWeese said.

The trip to the Caribbean is valued at $3,000 and will be awarded to the winner at the end of baseball season in May, Jordan said.

"Our short-term goal is attendance and our long-term goal is to grow this program to any fans outside Baylor," DeWeese said.

The incentives program is expected to be a part of Baylor athletics in the future, DeWeese said.

"Football will be implemented next year if everything goes well. We'll evaluate the results and attendance and look to make the program bigger and better," Jordan said.

Although student attendance isn't lacking, the Golden Bear Rewards Program aims to encourage students that otherwise may not attend Baylor home games, Jordan said.

"This program will give our students one more reason to be a part of Baylor Athletics. Student attendance numbers are on the rise and we expect the Golden Bear Rewards Program to add to this momentum," Director of Athletics Ian McCaw said.