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Letters to the editor

Nov. 18, 2005

Mixer promotes diversity

This letter is written in response to Joseph Dooley's little rant in Thursday's Lariat about not being able to grasp the concept nor the purpose and "intentions" of the mixer held Tuesday.

Joe, think of it as a birthday party, which is held to celebrate or commemorate somebody. Anybody else who would like to celebrate with them is usually invited, am I right? So what we had here was a mixer celebrating the unity of Latino Greek organizations on Baylor's campus, and anybody -- that's right, anybody -- who wanted to celebrate was welcome to be there.

I am sorry to say that I do think your intentions, Joe, are questionable. You have other motives. This is apparent when you ignore the sentence, "He also added that although the mixer is specifically for the multicultural Greek organizations, anyone interested in learning more about the culture is welcome to attend."

Although the use of citations is exciting, its purpose in your letter was as confused as its author. As always, our door is open. Try knocking next time.

Christopher D. Cantu
Anthropology 2006

God loves homosexuals, too

Homosexuals will never see the love of God at Baylor.

For some reason, the Baptists at Baylor would rather uphold an organization than God's word. Nobody can measure up to the level of righteousness God expects, and because we cannot and will never be able to, God has given grace to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ to have their mistakes forgotten.

We all sin, but homosexuality is not bigger than lying, contrary to popular belief. God does not hate sin because of who it affects or how, he hates it because when it is committed, his children are temporarily set apart from him and the work of Christ is negated until repentance.

When are we going to be known for grace and love as Christians? When will we offer unmerited favor to everyone because we all know that without the death of Christ everyone would be going to hell? He died for everyone at Baylor.

You cannot earn salvation, judge it or grade it. Homosexuals are redeemed and God loves them the same. At Baylor, however, it's different.

Bryan Gillin
Business management 2008

Gays not fit to be clergy

In Monday's chapel, leaders from ministries across Waco discussed questions submitted by students. One of the questions asked the lone Episcopal representative why Episcopal churches would ordain practicing homosexuals as priests and deacons. His reply was that everyone the church ordains is a sinner because, after all, everyone sins.

I have always thought, and still think, that the Baptist church focuses too much on homosexuality, while other sins go practically untouched.

Here, however, it was time for a stand, and that stand was avoided by all the Baptists on stage.

To me, there is a flaw in the logic that ordaining a practicing homosexual is appropriate because all people sin. The difference is the spirit of obedience and submission that comes from the Holy Spirit. It is one thing to ordain someone who has lied or even struggles with dishonesty on a regular basis. It is quite another thing to ordain someone who lies and refuses to admit his dishonesty as sin.

Priests should be held to a high standard of godliness, and those who would blatantly refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are repeatedly sinning against God are not walking inside God's will and should not be put in a position of leadership in the church.

The same would be true for anyone who would refuse to seek change when their actions are clearly defined in the Bible as sin.

Jennifer Baker
English 2009