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BU makes case for Bush library

Nov. 16, 2005

by KATE MCCLENDON, assistant city editor

After a two-and-a-half hour presentation discussing why Baylor should be chosen for the site of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, delegates came back to Waco on Tuesday afternoon.

"We made our presentation then had about an hour and 15 minutes for discussion. It was a good discussion," said Larry Brumley, associate vice president for external relations. "We did the best possible job we could in presenting the unique aspects about Baylor for the library."

The University of Dallas also presented its proposal for the library Tuesday, a spokesperson in the president's office said. Southern Methodist University and the West Texas Coalition, led by Texas Tech, will make their presentations today.

Brumley said he couldn't comment on any details of the proposal or how the committee responded.

"That's really a determination made by those we presented to," Brumley said in a telephone interview Tuesday from Washington. "I felt like our preparation served us well, and now we'll wait for the outcome."

Brumley also said they haven't been given a date when the delegates will find out which school receives the library.

"(The decision) will be up to them, and we can't make any presumptions as to when they'll decide," he said.

Some students think Baylor has a good chance of being chosen for the library location even though the competition is stiff.

"I think (Baylor's chances) are high, especially because of the petition," Hannah Sierra, an Austin freshman, said.

Sierra also said she believes another library would be a good location to study.

"It'd be honoring to the school to show we're worthy of a presidential library," Jamie Frasure, a Keller freshman, said. "It would show the school's commitment to excellence as well."

Brumley said though the nature of the process is highly competitive and officials won't know any decision for months, he's pleased Baylor has come this far in the competition.

"We're grateful to be included in the process," he said. "A lot of people have worked many years on this."