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Letters to the editor

Nov. 15, 2005

Group a 'shire,' not 'squire'

First of all, I would like to thank you for your fair treatment of our organization in Friday's edition of the Lariat, and your attempt to debunk a few myths about us that seem to flourish on our lovely campus. However, you very well may have just created a few of your own without realizing it.

For one thing, our name is the Shire of Morconor, not the Squire of Morconor. The title of 'squire' is reserved for individuals who have been chosen by a 'knight' in our organization because they show promise as a future knight. I have to wonder how such a typo occurred.

We haven't ever used our forums to create our characters -- we create them ourselves, out of our own imaginations, and use our message boards to communicate either with other groups, other members or to express general silliness and fun.

We don't have or use scripts unless someone decided to start using them without contacting any of the other leaders of HFS either. Your writer almost got our system of fighting correct. We not only meet in our garb to elect officers, we meet in it whenever we so choose. We don't wear green-and-gold uniforms -- we wear medieval garb of our own taste and style. Uniforms have nothing to do with our organization unless we are part of a special group within a group, such as a guild, house, clan or company.

Tanya Baker
Forensic science 2008

Dismissal has been worn out

As I got my daily Lariat and opened it to the editorial page, I was annoyed to see yet another letter to the editor about Tim Smith's removal from Hankamer's advisory board.

While Baylor is a Baptist school and in his removal, the school upheld its standards, it's also an outrage that we, as humans, can't get past someone's personal choice in how they live and love them as God has commanded us as Christians to do.

It's time to move on to other topics in the editorial section instead of staying with this one "travesty." Enough is enough, and in this case, more than just enough.

Karen Wilson
Early childhood-4 generalist