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Sparxxx will fly at Missouri game

Nov. 10, 2005

by MAEGAN MCGOWEN, entertainment writer

Bubba Sparxxx loves football and hip-hop, a combination as interesting as this southern-bred rapper.

Sparxxx will satisfy his love for football and rap by sponsoring a tailgating party at the Baylor vs. Missouri game Saturday.

"I played football from age 8 to high school, and I absolutely love it," Sparxxx said in a phone interview. "To people in the South, football is a religion."

Sparxxx will also promote his new album, The Charm.

"I wanted to incorporate promotion of my album with football," Sparxxx said. "I may be more passionate about football than music."

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Bubba Sparxxx, a southern rapper from La Grange, Ga., will host a tailgating party at the Baylor vs. Missouri game Saturday to promote the release of his third album, The Charm.
The Charm will be Sparxxx's third album, a play on the phrase "third time's the charm."

"The Charm is a hybrid between my first two albums," Sparxxx said. "This one is a blend of the best elements of both."

Sparxxx is confident that "Ms. New Booty," featuring the Yin Yang Twins, will be a surefire hit.

Born Warren Anderson Mathis, Sparxxx changed his name to fit his southern background and his hip-hop career.

"Bubba is just like a traditional nickname for a southern guy, and Sparxxx is just me being creative. It's the hip hop aspect," he said.

After being introduced to rap music, Sparxxx was hooked for life.

"The first time I ever cared about music, it was rap music. I was always more into sports," he said. "The first time I ever heard hip-hop music was when a cousin from New York came and introduced me to artists like LL Cool J."

A few years later, Sparxxx realized his calling.

"About three years after I heard hip-hop music, I had a dream I was a rapper, and the next day I wrote my first rap song," he said.

Sparxxx's main hip-hop inspirations came from listening to OutKast.

"I heard OutKast, who were the first big rappers out of Georgia, and I thought, 'Wow I think I can do that,'" Sparxxx said.

Sparxxx's new album is being produced by OutKast's new label, Purple Ribbon Records.

"It has been a really cool experience to work with someone I liked," Sparxxx said. "It's a real honor."

Sparxxx's creative process for his writing begins with a good beat.

"Any time I listen to the beat, the words are in there. I just gotta find them," he said. "Most times I hear the beat first, and for the most part I have the words."

Sparxxx's ambitions to become a rapper came as a surprise his family.

"My family thought I was crazy," he said. "They've come along since then. They just wanted me to do something real hard-working, since we're a working-class family, and as long as something is paying the bills, it was all right."

The Charm will be released in March, and he said hopefully for him, it will prove that the third time really is the charm.