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Letters to the editor

Nov. 9, 2005

Dismissal discriminatory

After reading the online Lariat article on the election/selection of John Lilley, I happened to scroll down to the Nov. 4 article concerning the apparent removal of Tim Smith from the advisory board of the business school.

I don't know Smith. I have never met him, nor had I heard of him prior to reading the article. Of course, since the Lariat is an official publication of Baylor, I must assume the article on the removal was accurate in all respects.

As far as I can discern from the online Lariat article -- and the statements therein attributed to Terry Maness and spokesman Larry Brumley -- the basis and/or justification for his removal flows from one or more of the following prerogatives, all of which are apparently held to be imminent and actionable by members of the administration of dear old Baylor:

1. "Baylor" and the members of the Baylor administration will discriminate because they can.

2. Discrimination is OK unless it is against a statutory law.

3. Employees and administrators of Baylor must (are compelled to) discriminate because its owner is hateful or hate-filled, exclusionary and discriminatory with respect to employment and/or volunteer activities. I have to admit that this one is truly fascinating -- I can't figure out if Baylor administrators are attributing hateful, exclusionary and discriminatory traits and actions to an inanimate legal fiction (the Baptist General Convention of Texas), or are merely defaming each and every member of each and every church congregation comprising the convention.

4. Baylor and its employees and administrators reserve the right to mess over volunteers, who obviously ain't got no right to live. The above gives a whole new insight into the concept of justification, and it is reassuring to note from the above that we as an institution are clearly well on our way to accomplishing both the goals of 2012 and The Great Ends of the Church. (You might want to check with Lilley about the latter list -- it can be found in Chapter 1, G.1.0200 of the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church USA.)

With actions like that, we are truly lighting the ways of time. But while doing so, I fear we are losing our minds -- having probably already lost our way.

Gene Moore
B.A. 1969
J.D. 1972