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Letters to the editor

Nov. 8, 2005

Hankamer shows hypocrisy

I am most frustrated with how people pick and choose which core beliefs they like best from the Bible and then enforce them in everyday life.

Oh, we'll fire someone for being a homosexual, but someone who continually speeds -- even five miles over the limit -- well, that person can stay on at Baylor.

Why? All sins are equal in the eyes of the Lord except blasphemy. Who are we to say we think homosexuality or alcoholism or any other repetitive behavior is worse than that of speeding, lying or gossip? Are we above God?

Unless Tim Smith were defaming the name of the Lord while involved in his homosexual lifestyle, I see only hypocrisy.

Caressa Lattimore
Journalism 2005

Maness misrepresents alumni

The recent decision by Dr. Terry Maness to dismiss a Hankamer School of Business advisory board member due solely to that person's sexual orientation is a disgrace, in this alum's opinion.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation may be acceptable on Baylor campus, but it is anything but in the corporate world.

Hankamer School's actions not only devalue its credibility as a serious institution of learning for business students in the eyes of the corporate world, it also devalues the credentials of alumni, including mine, where community sensitivities and public trust are paramount to business and career success.

If consistency with Baptist tenants is of such strong concern that a volunteer and generous alumni is worth humiliating and rejecting, maybe Baylor should truly reconsider the hiring of Dr. John M. Lilley as president. His previous tenure comprised willing and enthusiastic oversight of a higher education system funded in no small part by taxes generated by gambling and prostitution, two of the most exploitative and spiritually corrupting practices directly commented upon by Jesus -- unlike homosexuality.

Bill Reid
Economics 1994

Death puts life in perspective

I could relate completely with Josh Horton's Friday column. I buried my 34-year-old fiancé almost two months ago. No matter how long God gives us on Earth, life is extremely short.

Too many of my peers don't look beyond the parties and schoolwork to enjoy the little things in life. Tell your family and friends you love them because tomorrow is never promised.

Erica DeLeon
Journalism and
telecommunications 2006

Removal right move

I read with interest Friday's article about the Hankamer School of Business board member who was dismissed.

The headline read "Dean boots gay member from board." Shouldn't the headline have read, "Dean Upholds Standards of Baylor University and the Baptist General Convention"?

Kathryn Mulkey
Alumna 1973